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Guangzhou Luftmy Intelligence Technology Co., LTD is jointly found by the institute of automation of Chinese academy of sciences and Fraunhofer laser research institute of Germany Aachen University at the year of 2012, focusing on the technical research, production and sales of photovoltaic particulate sensor .

So far, Luftmy's research and development team has more than 50 professional Engineers , including 6 doctors, 13 masters, and over 500 quality &production personnels . Led by the enterprise culture of "craftsman's dream", Luftmy has gradually become a leading enterprise in the global photovoltaic sensor industry. And by achieving numerous technology breakthroughs and innovation , it has applied and obtained it has applied and obtained 70 invention patents, more than 120 utility model patents and 17 core algorithm software Copyrights.

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  • Applications of Laser Sensors in Various Areas

    PM2.5 dust concentration laser sensor unit and other laser sensor optical sensors have many applications at this stage, especially in many industrial fields and distance measurement research....

  • What are the performance and main application fields of PM2.5 sensors

    Now more and more people use the air quality tester, mainly because of air quality in recent years, much attention, only to see the fog haze, which might bring about, but don't know what the pollution degree, it will make people feel uneasy,...

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    Establishing reliable visual functions for self-driving vehicles has become a major obstacle to development. By combining various sensors, developers have been able to create a detection system that can "see" the environment of a vehicle, ev...

  • PM2.5 measurement method and working principle of PM2.5 sensor

    PM2.5 refers to fine particles with aerodynamic equivalent diameter less than or equal to 2.5 microns in ambient air.This kind of fine particulate matter mainly comes from the soot emission in industrial production, automobile exhaust in dai...

  • What are the common sensors in smart appliances

    Intelligent home appliance is the home appliance product formed after the introduction of microprocessor, sensor technology and network communication technology into the home appliance equipment. It can automatically perceive the state of re...

  • The laser particulate sensor monitors the air quality in the car

    According to foreign media reports, Hyundai Motor Group announced the development of "intelligent air purification" system, which can monitor the air quality in the car and automatically filter the air in the car. The system can continuously...

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    Air purifier can be said to have become our life indispensable appliances, but for the correct choice of air purifier few people can correctly grasp....

  • What is the working principle of dust laser sensor

    The light source of the laser dust sensor is the laser diode. When working, the laser pulse is first sent by the laser emitting diode. At the same time, the fan inside the sensor pushes the air to enter through the rotation and conducts the ...

  • Application of dust sensor in air conditioner

    the dust removal function of the air conditioner is essential. In addition to adding air filter to the air conditioner, it is more important to add dust sensor, such as lefmai's dust sensor, which can monitor PM2.5 and PM10 dust at the same...

  • What sensors do air purifiers need to use

    At present, the environmental pollution is serious, from the current national environmental protection situation, the control of air pollution has almost become the top priority of domestic "energy saving and emission reduction".Just as Uncl...

  • According to AMA data report, the market of particulate matter sensors is expected to grow by 12.23%

    particulate matter sensors are commonly used for air monitoring. Based on laser technology, particle sensor provides real-time data with low cost and low power consumption. The sensor is small and easy to carry....

  • 7 kinds of sensors for object detection

    Whether it is to detect whether there is an object passing through the conveyor belt, whether the door is closed or not, whether the means of transport arrive at the stop position or not, ...

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