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A vicious cycle that can be stopped: air pollution and global warming

The weather has also been doing strange things, with evidence of melting ice caps and rising sea levels. All this proves global warming, also known as global climate change. The composition of the earth's atmosphere is changing, and the inc...



PM2.5 sensor application in intelligent air conditioning purification system

PM2.5 refers to the particulate matter whose diameter is less than or equal to 2.5 microns in the atmosphere. It is a kind of particulate matter that can enter the lung, and its diameter is less than 1 / 20 of human hair. ...



What is the difference between PM2.5 monitor and PM10 monitor

Ambient air particle monitoring is more concerned than ever before. The reason is that the public has a new understanding of the health effects of small particles suspended in the air, and more and more vehicles are also discharging these pa...



What is a particle counter? How does particle counter work? What are they used for?

Particle counter can monitor dust-free particles for dust-free chamber manufacturing, sensitive production and HVAC system....



Air pollution: the real danger inside and outside

Urban air pollution is nothing new. You can see it, smell it, and often feel it. Common sources: Emissions from industrial and coal-fired power plants; Exhaust of internal combustion engine; Waste gas from wood burning furnaces and fir...



Importance of particle count in laboratory

Particle count is the key function of air quality monitoring in the whole science and technology laboratory, including biotechnology, biopharmaceutical production, semiconductor development and manufacturing, Nanotechnology Laboratory, which...



Air quality monitoring: automobile, homes and building promote the development of gas and particle sensor Market

Air quality is breathing life into the sensor market! Air quality monitoring in cars, homes and other buildings is driving the market for gas and particulate matter sensors. Outdoor air pollution is one of the main challenges in the 21st...



Nano electrode array particle sensor based on dielectrophoresis

NASA has recently developed a new technology that uses nanostructured electrode arrays and unsteady electric fields to sense the presence of specific species of particles....



New air purifier with built-in particle sensor to purify air

About how air purifiers work, or more specifically, how they perceive poor air quality.What we use most is the particle sensor to work as an important part.Particle sensors are not the most exciting thing we can talk about, but they are an i...



The harm of particle pollution

Particle pollution (also known as particulate matter (PM)) is composed of solid or liquid particles (small pieces) in the air...



Portable particle sensor (PM2.5 / PM10)

The portable monitor series has been considered to be able to measure gas pollutants accurately and reasonably. ...



Principle and function of air quality sensor in air purifier

At present, in the field of air purification, air quality sensor has almost become a standard accessory of purification equipment. Its function is to monitor the concentration of PM2.5 and other particulate matter in the air, and the working...

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