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What are the advantages of smart sensors?

With the development of artificial intelligence, some electronic devices have made greater breakthroughs in automation and data processing capacity, and traditional sensors have been unable to meet the needs of electronic devices.With the ar...



Which brand of hand vacuum cleaner is good? Smart dust sensor makes dust cleaning effect more intuitive

More and more intelligent household equipment such as vacuum cleaning robot into the ordinary home, for vacuum cleaning and cleaning robot real-time display of cleaning degree? Which brand is good to hold vacuum cleaner? Dust sensor makes du...



Sensor technology: five trends of International Consumer Electronics Exhibition

The Internet of things has gained momentum and combined with market forces in the automotive industry to expand sensor technology and integrate it into our customers' products....



Wireless sensors for predictive maintenance Empowering Industry 4.0

The global manufacturing industry is undergoing a major transformation, marked by the adoption of automated technologies, increased efficiency and enhanced product quality....



How to choose sweeper robot, dust sensor in the application of sweeper robot

In order to achieve a better cleaning effect for the sweeping robot, it needs the support of dust sensor, which can display the cleanliness data of the ground in real time, so that the sweeping machine can better complete the task of cleanin...



LD16 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

pm2.5 laser sensor module LD16 adopts MIE spherical particle scattering principle, laser sensor uses laser to irradiate suspended particulate matter in the air to produce light scattering, photoelectric detector collects scattering light int...



Cleanliness Detector

Cleanliness detector is applied to vacuum cleaner to detect particle quantities and concentration data of mite, dust and hair fiber,etc....



LD12 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

pm2.5 laser dust sensor LD10 adopts MIE spherical particle scattering principle, laser sensor uses laser to irradiate suspended particulate matter in the air to produce light scattering, photoelectric detector collects scattering light int...



Eight sensors can help you create smart home

Here is a rundown of eight sensors that you can deploy throughout your home to help ensure you are safe from the storm whilst protecting your wallet....



Widely used LUFTMY particle sensor

Particle sensor module manufacturer Lefman developed and manufactured particle sensors to help owners and users monitor harmful particulate pollutants in the air caused by dust, coal ash, or smoke. Particle sensors play an important role in ...



What's the difference between dust and particles

In the regulatory and compliance industries, the two terms I often hear are particulate matter (PM) and dust. ...



Disclosure of Dust Sensor for Air Purifier

The principle of air purification can be seen as three steps: discovery, purification and release. Air purifiers detect indoor pollutants, filter them, and then expel clean air. Only when these three steps are well coordinated can air purifi...



How to properly use a vacuum cleaner? How to judge the cleanliness of vacuum cleaner?

It is one of the most common electronic equipment in cleaning work, which is used as a special equipment to absorb dust and dirt on the ground, walls and other flat parts. When the vacuum cleaner is started, it can send out a strong suction ...



High cost performance PM2.5 sensor will become the new favorite of air purifier

There is still a lot of room for improvement in the consumption level of air purification industry. Chinese consumers are in the middle state of regarding the purifier as "meeting the demand" and "improving the quality of life". Some people ...



PM2.5 sensor application in intelligent air conditioning purification system

PM2.5 refers to the particulate matter whose diameter is less than or equal to 2.5 microns in the atmosphere. It is a kind of particulate matter that can enter the lung, and its diameter is less than 1 / 20 of human hair. ...

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