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LD13C Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Module

The LD13C laser PM2.5 dust sensor is a high-precision particle concentration sensor based on the laser MIE scattering theory. It can be embedded into various instruments or environmental improvement equipment related to the concentration of ...



Particle measurement method and particle sensor module are recommended

Particulate matter, also known as dust, a variety of solid or liquid particles uniformly dispersed in an aerosol system.Particulate matter can be divided into primary particulate matter and secondary particulate matter.Primary particulate ma...



Which PM2.5 sensor is better for PM2.5 detector?

PM2.5 detector refers to a special detection instrument dedicated to measuring PM2.5 (particulate matter that can enter the lungs) value in the air.Due to the deterioration of air quality in recent years, excessive PM2.5 concentration in the...



Indoor particulate matter sensors help monitor air quality

At present, people spend more time indoors than outdoors, especially when smog is frequent. People are urged to go out less and avoid outdoor air pollutants, mainly PM2.5 particles, which are harmful to human body.But is indoor air quality b...



Dust sensors can monitor exposure to contaminants during IC production

With the development of science and technology, the production and processing of many industrial products have put forward high requirements on the dust concentration in the dust-free workshop engineering in the production environment, which...



What is a dust concentration sensor?Article to read

Dust is a solid particle suspended in the air.Traditionally, there are many names for dust, such as dust, dust, soot, mineral dust, sand dust, powder, etc. There is no clear boundary between these nouns.International organization for standar...



The role of dust concentration sensor in air purifier

In recent years, the problem of air pollution has become more and more serious. In order to ensure the air quality of indoor places, air purifiers are widely used in hospitals, schools, cinemas, residential areas and other indoor places. Wit...



Fresh air system with built-in dust sensor

Due to the influence of haze, more and more fresh air purification products have entered thousands of households. Although these products are different, their principles are basically the same. Most of them filter the air through the filter ...



How much is the market price of domestic brand of dust sensor?

The principle of dust sensor is developed according to the scattering principle of light. Particles and molecules will produce light scattering phenomenon under the illumination of light, and also absorb part of the energy of flared light....



Air purification technology in the use of dust sensors such as sensor solutions

Currently, air purifiers on the market generally have three kinds of sensors: temperature and humidity sensor, odor sensor and dust sensor. The laser dust concentration sensor can continuously collect and calculate the concentration distribu...



Haze-proof weather can not ignore indoor air quality environment

Haze-proof weather can not ignore the indoor air quality environment. In the air purifier equipment, the basic but necessary application is intelligent dust sensor and other sensors. Through the sensitivity of these air sensors, we can see i...



How to design PM2.5 sensor with accurate measurement and high sensitivity

The LD13 laser PM2.5 dust sensor and LD15 laser PM2.5 dust sensor launched by guangzhou luftmy are developed and produced according to the basic principle of photoelectric sensor, which can achieve the effect of simple internal structure, st...

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