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The application of gas sensor is briefly described

Gas sensor is a kind of converting the information such as the composition, concentration of the gas can be personnel, instruments and meters, using the information, such as computers, electronic components, common gas sensors include: semic...



What is the difference between PM2.5 sensor and smoke sensor?

Pm2.5 sensors and smoke sensors are widely used in daily life. One common feature of them is that they both detect solid particles, so some people confuse the two.In fact, there are some differences between the pm2.5 sensor and the smoke sen...



The difference between PM2.5 sensor and smoke sensor

PM2.5 sensor monitors particles with aerodynamic equivalent diameter less than or equal to 2.5 microns, also known as fine particles. ...



Eight sensors can help you create smart home

Here is a rundown of eight sensors that you can deploy throughout your home to help ensure you are safe from the storm whilst protecting your wallet....



15 Sensor Types Most Used by Internet of Things Application Development Corporation

Industry and organizations have long used a variety of sensors, but the invention of the Internet of Things has brought the development of sensors to a completely different level....



PM2.5 sensor is used in smoke sensor, fire alarm is more sensitive and accurate

Smoke alarm is a kind of equipment that can give early warning in time in case of fire. The smoke alarm equipped with PM2.5 sensor and smoke sensor can send an alarm signal at the first time of fire, and inform relevant personnel to fight an...

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