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Analysis of PM2.5 particle sensor market

Is PM2.5 equivalent to air quality? Many people think that by detecting the PM2.5 value in the air, the air quality can be judged. In fact, the PM2.5 index has only been incorporated into the air quality evaluation system of our country in r...



What's the difference between dust and particles

In the regulatory and compliance industries, the two terms I often hear are particulate matter (PM) and dust. ...



According to AMA data report, the market of particulate matter sensors is expected to grow by 12.23%

particulate matter sensors are commonly used for air monitoring. Based on laser technology, particle sensor provides real-time data with low cost and low power consumption. The sensor is small and easy to carry....



Survey on the current status of indoor air quality awareness in domestic households - the role of air quality sensors

In recent years, with the continuous increase of environmental protection and ecological civilization construction in China...



The range hood is equipped with PM2.5 sensors to effectively solve the problem of kitchen pollution

The fume hood equipped with PM2.5 sensor can effectively solve the problem of PM2.5 pollution. By real-time monitoring of PM2.5 pollution in the kitchen, the actual shutdown time of the fume hood can be controlled....



Principle and function of air quality sensor in air purifier

At present, in the field of air purification, air quality sensor has almost become a standard accessory of purification equipment. Its function is to monitor the concentration of PM2.5 and other particulate matter in the air, and the working...



Emphasis on In-car Air Quality drives the market of on-board PM2.5 sensors

The air quality inside the car has attracted more and more attention of the car owners, and the car air purifier can purify the air to the greatest extent, so that the air inside the car can reach a healthy level....



PM2.5 Detector

PM2.5 detector is specific to measure the PM2.5 (which can go directly to the alveoli of the lungs) data in the air. Laser method and particle counting...



Cleanliness Detector

Cleanliness detector is applied to vacuum cleaner to detect particle quantities and concentration data of mite, dust and hair fiber,etc....



LD13A Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

Particle sensor module LD13A adopts MIE spherical particle scattering principle, laser sensor uses laser to irradiate suspended particulate matter in the air to produce light scattering, photoelectric detector collects scattering light int...



Some FAQ about the dust sensor

The laser dust sensor module can continuously collect and calculate the number of suspended particles with different particle sizes in the air per unit volume, that is, the particle concentration distribution, and then convert it into mass c...



Talk about the use of air quality detector

The air quality detection instrument can accurately detect the indoor air, and can quickly detect the formaldehyde, TVOC, PM2.5 and other components in the indoor air on site. The power supply of the air quality environment monitoring instru...



Disclosure of Dust Sensor for Air Purifier

The principle of air purification can be seen as three steps: discovery, purification and release. Air purifiers detect indoor pollutants, filter them, and then expel clean air. Only when these three steps are well coordinated can air purifi...



What is the principle and purpose of PM2.5 dust sensor?

Sensor is a common one in our life, and the influence of sensor on our life is also very great. Especially now, the dust sensor is very practical. The dust sensor is a tool used to detect dust. It can sense tobacco and pollen in advance, and...



Carbon dioxide sensor applied to fresh air system

Carbon dioxide gas is part of the atmosphere, accounting for 0.03%-0.04% of the total volume of the atmosphere. It is abundant in nature and has many causes.The normal concentration of carbon dioxide is non-toxic and can also be used in prod...



What technology is used to identify dust sensors in the sweeping robot?

In recent years, the sweeper is popular in many families, especially for the lazy people living in the house, it can be said that the sweeper is a magic device to free hands.And the sweeping robot technology is more and more mature, more and...



Avoid these pitfalls when installing HVAC sensors

Home Energy, the magazine of the home performance industry since 1984, publishes residential energy efficiency, comfort, safety, and green building best practices for remodelers, builders and contractors....

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