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What kind of dust sensor is more suitable for the robot

With the improvement of residents' consumption level, more and more people are not satisfied with material needs, but also free our hands to improve the quality of life.With this demand, all industries are faced with industrial upgrading, es...



What is the difference between infrared dust sensor and laser dust sensor

Infrared photoelectric sensor is very useful in our life, air conditioning, air purifier, cleaning robot and other fields are used.I believe that many friends in the industry are not strange, so what are the differences for dust infrared sen...



Measurement principle and classification of gas sensors

People rely on sensory organs to pick up information from the outside world, and the sensors are called "electrical features", which are converted into concrete data just like the human features.With the advent of the information age, sensor...



The development trend of infrared sensor in the future is briefly described

The development of science and technology is getting faster and faster. "smart home", "5G era" and "Internet of everything" discussed by everyone before are not just concepts. Automatic control and automatic detection are widely used in Peop...



How to choose a high-performance on-board air purifier? Look at it!

In haze weather, you can open a purifier at home and wear a mask when you go out. What about driving? Breathing, every moment in the process, cleaning car can not only pursue the surface clean. For the sake of family members and their own he...



PM2.5 sensors effectively monitor dust particles

Fine particles are also known as fine particles, fine particles and PM2.5. Fine particles refer to particles with an equivalent aerodynamic diameter of less than or equal to 2.5 microns in the ambient air. ...



Domestic PM2.5 fine particulate dust sensor

Dust concentration sensor is mainly used for continuous monitoring of indoor dust concentration and other workplaces. In order to meet the existing indoor air quality real-time development of high-tech sensors in the natural state of light s...



Characteristics of infrared and laser PM2.5 dust sensors

There are many kinds of laser sensors in the market. Different types of laser sensors have their own principles. Laser PM2.5 sensor has the characteristics of universality, miniaturization, accurate data and real-time response....



Air purification technology in the use of dust sensors such as sensor solutions

Currently, air purifiers on the market generally have three kinds of sensors: temperature and humidity sensor, odor sensor and dust sensor. The laser dust concentration sensor can continuously collect and calculate the concentration distribu...



The technology and development trend of particle sensor on 2019 Korea Air Fair

LUFTMY's CEO, Raymond Jiang made the open session about the technology and development trend of particle sensor on 2019 Korea Air Fair,and made the particle sensor technical discussion with professionals...



What are the high precision dust sensors? Smart home PM2.5 sensor

Smart home PM2.5 sensor? What dust sensors do you have? Infrared dust sensor that can maintain normal operation under high concentration in harsh environment, and micro dust sensor developed for dust cleanliness data of smart home sweeper an...



Infrared dust sensor application: EPI260 console air purifier

HPD05 infrared dust sensor can detect dust particles with a minimum diameter of 0.5 micron, and can directly output data such as particulate matter concentration in the air. EPI260 floor air purifier can display air pollution index on LCD sc...



Relationship between air purifier and infrared dust sensor & laser dust sensor

Dust sensor has been widely used and is one of the necessary sensors for intelligent air purifier. With the rapid growth of domestic air purifier market, dust sensor technology is also developing rapidly, especially laser dust sensor has bee...

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