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Principle of automatic dust on-line monitoring and monitoring spray dust control system

Through field experiments, the space online monitor can detect accurately and reflect data quickly. Supporting relevant software and equipment, it can realize the functions of real-time snapshot, data collection and analysis, and transmit al...



Principle and Installation and Maintenance of Dust Sensor

Dust sensors detect the amount of dust in the air by scattering light. Then convert the voltage output to the sensor assembly. The types of dust that can be detected include cigarette smoke particles, bedding dust, cleaning dust, lice, pet h...



What is the working principle of dust laser sensor

The light source of the laser dust sensor is the laser diode. When working, the laser pulse is first sent by the laser emitting diode. At the same time, the fan inside the sensor pushes the air to enter through the rotation and conducts the ...



How to Choose Wireless Vacuum Cleaner with Dust Recognition Sensor

A good vacuum cleaner can bring a clean environment to your home. Vacuuming cleaning effect and cleanliness of floor, carpet, bed sheet, etc. are presented to users intuitively through the output data of dust detection sensor and LED color d...

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