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Application of dust sensor in various fields

With the arrival of autumn and winter season, some industrial developed, densely populated cities are prone to haze weather.Haze is the aerosol formed by the suspension of dust particles and water vapor in the air for a long time, which aff...



How to use acarimeter?What are the precautions for the use of acarimeter?

Mites are micro-pests invisible to the naked eye, which breed rapidly in the damp and rainy environment on pillows, carpets and sofas, and easily cause skin diseases for allergic people.To eliminate mite bug, rolled out on market now a lot o...



Application of dust sensor in intelligent building control system

In general, ventilation is the simplest and most common way to improve the air environment.Ventilation can eliminate or control the dust and harmful gas produced in the production environment, and people often improve their living environmen...



S7-L Smart Dust Sensor

S7 L Smart Dust Sensor can detect the number of particles and concentration data precisely in the handles and extension tubes of vacuum cleaners as well as in the ventilation ducts of sweeping robots, kitchen ventilators, particle detectors,...



HPD05 Infrared PM2.5 Sensor Module

PM2.5 Sensor Module HPD05 use principle of optical scattering to measure concentration of dust inthe air,the module built in a Infrared Transmitter and a high sensitive Photoelectric Receiving Sensor the Infrared Transmitter emits light and ...



Cleanliness Detector

Cleanliness detector is applied to vacuum cleaner to detect particle quantities and concentration data of mite, dust and hair fiber,etc....



Why buy haze meter when using air purifier?

Now many air purifiers on the market have built-in haze meters, that is, PM2.5 detector. Speaking of this, are you confused? Someone else's air purifier clearly has built-in haze meters. Why should we buy a haze meter alone?...



Air environment monitoring solution -PM2.5 sensor

PM2.5 refers to airborne particles with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less, also known as lung-entering particles (there is no standard Chinese name).PM2.5 particles are small, less than 1/20 the thickness of a human hair.It is rich in a larg...



Air sensors such as laser particle sensors are the core of air quality detection

Equipped with particle size sensor, air quality detector can not only meet the real-time monitoring of indoor air data, but also help us judge the use effect of air purifier or new fan at home, and then adjust the switch, air volume and gear...



To interpret the important components of air purifier - dust sensor

For people living in cities frequently polluted by the environment, air purifiers have become the standard household appliances. Air purifiers can greatly help indoor air purification and eliminate harmful substances such as dust and formald...



What are the differences between TSP, PM10 and PM2.5?

Suspended particles in the air are also known as dusts, which can cause air pollution if they are high in content, and they contain substances that can affect human health.Dust particles can generally be divided into total suspended particul...



Particulate matter sensing for air quality measurement

Particulate matter, abbreviated as "PM", refers to the mixture of solid particles and droplets in the inhalable air, which may cause serious health problems. ...



The difference between laser dust sensor and other laser sensors

The laser dust sensor focuses on the collection and calculation of the number of suspended particles with different particle sizes in the air per unit volume, namely the concentration distribution of particles, which is then converted into m...

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