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What sensors are used in the smart home?

In today's interconnected age, modern people pursue a high-quality comfortable life, pay more attention to health, and have stricter requirements on the quality of living environment.Smart city and smart home emerge as The Times require. Sma...



How to select PM2.5 sensor for automobile air quality inspection

The air quality inside the car affects the experience of riding, and if the concentration of PM2.5 in the car is too high, it will harm people's health.At present, all cars have on-board air purifiers to monitor the air quality inside the ca...



What sensors are used in the air purifier?

Nowadays air pollution is becoming more and more serious, and people pay more and more attention to air quality.In order to have a comfortable and healthy environment, many homes and indoor places have installed air purifiers. With the devel...



What are the environmental detection sensors of intelligent pig farm?

The environmental monitoring of traditional pig farms mainly relies on the perception of the breeding staff to adjust the temperature, humidity, light, etc., which is subjective and unscientific.The environmental changes of pig farms will af...



What sensors are in the air quality detector?

Air pollution is becoming more and more serious.With the emergence of the word PM2.5, people begin to pay more and more attention to the environmental problems in our lives.PM2.5 refers to particles with an aerodynamic equivalent diameter of...



LD13C Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

The LD13C laser PM2.5 dust sensor is a high-precision particle concentration sensor based on the laser MIE scattering theory. It can be embedded into various instruments or environmental improvement equipment related to the concentration of ...



LD10 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

pm2.5 laser sensor module LD10 adopts MIE spherical particle scattering principle, laser sensor uses laser to irradiate suspended particulate matter in the air to produce light scattering, photoelectric detector collects scattering light int...



LD13A Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

Particle sensor module LD13A adopts MIE spherical particle scattering principle, laser sensor uses laser to irradiate suspended particulate matter in the air to produce light scattering, photoelectric detector collects scattering light int...



The PM2.5 detector keeps track of the air quality around it

In autumn and winter, the haze weather is serious. The haze is the excessive formation of PM2.5 in the air. Although the harm of haze to human body is not as great as formaldehyde, the impact on human body can not be ignored. How to face the...



Avoid these pitfalls when installing HVAC sensors

Home Energy, the magazine of the home performance industry since 1984, publishes residential energy efficiency, comfort, safety, and green building best practices for remodelers, builders and contractors....



What are the high precision dust sensors? Smart home PM2.5 sensor

Smart home PM2.5 sensor? What dust sensors do you have? Infrared dust sensor that can maintain normal operation under high concentration in harsh environment, and micro dust sensor developed for dust cleanliness data of smart home sweeper an...



The application of laser sensor in various fields

Optical sensors such as laser sensors have many applications at present, especially in many industrial fields and distance measurement research. When in a confined space, the best solution is a non-contact sensor system. Laser sensors are we...



Is dust an atmospheric pollutant?How to use PM2.5 sensor to detect dust?

Is dust an atmospheric pollutant?Dust is a particulate floating material, or pm10, that is produced when a substance is burned.The dust particles are less than 10 microns in diameter, can float in the air for a long time, and can enter the h...



Air purifier filter replacement time and purification effect can be their own control

Ideally, the air purifier should have computational power and high-precision sensors to record the amount of particulate matter purified each time it is turned on and applied....



New particle —— dust sensor (PM1.0 / PM2.5 / PM10)

Particulate pollution in the air (also known as "particulate matter") includes a mixture of solids and droplets. Some particles are emitted directly, others are formed in the atmosphere when other pollutants react. ...

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