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What sensors are used in the smart home?

In today's interconnected age, modern people pursue a high-quality comfortable life, pay more attention to health, and have stricter requirements on the quality of living environment.Smart city and smart home emerge as The Times require. Sma...



How to select PM2.5 sensor for automobile air quality inspection

The air quality inside the car affects the experience of riding, and if the concentration of PM2.5 in the car is too high, it will harm people's health.At present, all cars have on-board air purifiers to monitor the air quality inside the ca...



What sensors are used in the air purifier?

Nowadays air pollution is becoming more and more serious, and people pay more and more attention to air quality.In order to have a comfortable and healthy environment, many homes and indoor places have installed air purifiers. With the devel...



What are the environmental detection sensors of intelligent pig farm?

The environmental monitoring of traditional pig farms mainly relies on the perception of the breeding staff to adjust the temperature, humidity, light, etc., which is subjective and unscientific.The environmental changes of pig farms will af...



What sensors are in the air quality detector?

Air pollution is becoming more and more serious.With the emergence of the word PM2.5, people begin to pay more and more attention to the environmental problems in our lives.PM2.5 refers to particles with an aerodynamic equivalent diameter of...

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