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Application of PM2.5 sensor in fresh air system

Due to environmental pollution, the incidence of respiratory diseases, influenza and respiratory infectious diseases has remained high in China's cities in recent years.More and more diseases make people pay more and more attention to air qu...



Application of PM2.5 sensor in dust removal spray system

In the process of building construction, road construction, house demolition, material transportation and other processes, dust particles are often generated, causing environmental pollution. These dust pollution will affect people's normal ...



Application of PM2.5 sensor in straw incineration monitoring

Straw burning as a kind of biomass combustion has become a global concern.And when straw burning, atmospheric sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, inhalable particulate three pollution index to reach the peak value.When the concentration of inh...



Application of PM2.5 sensor in electric vehicle

The battery car has the advantages of convenience, speed, environmental protection and so on, which is very advantageous for some short distance travel.But in recent years, haze, catkins and other environmental problems frequently appear, if...



Is dust an atmospheric pollutant?How to use PM2.5 sensor to detect dust?

Is dust an atmospheric pollutant?Dust is a particulate floating material, or pm10, that is produced when a substance is burned.The dust particles are less than 10 microns in diameter, can float in the air for a long time, and can enter the h...



Application of PM2.5 sensor in automatic lampblack machine

I believe that we all know that pm2.5 pollution will cause air quality problems and affect people's health, but the pm2.5 generated by cooking in daily life is the most easily ignored.Experiments have shown that a plate of cabbage Fried with...

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