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Which PM2.5 sensor is better for PM2.5 detector?

The laser dust sensor is equipped with a fan, which can generate stable airflow and quickly obtain the PM2.5 concentration in the current environment. In the infrared dust sensor, there is only heating resistance, and airflow will be generat...



The important role of PM2.5 gas sensor in air quality monitoring

Gas sensors, such as particle concentration sensors, will be developed on the basis of making full use of multi-disciplinary integrated technologies such as intelligent technology....



Discussion on the market of air quality detection sensor application

Different brands of air quality detectors and purifiers have been sold quietly in China. Their prices range from hundreds to thousands of yuan. Some use dust infrared sensors, others use laser dust sensor detection technology and at the same...



Application of GDS06 particulate sensor: KFR-35GW air conditioning

GDS06 is an infrared scattering optical quality sensor, its interior diagonally placed infrared light-emitting diode and photoelectric transistor, so that it can detect dust reflected light, even very small particles such as tobacco smoke pa...



How to design PM2.5 sensor with accurate measurement and high sensitivity

The LD13 laser PM2.5 dust sensor and LD15 laser PM2.5 dust sensor launched by guangzhou luftmy are developed and produced according to the basic principle of photoelectric sensor, which can achieve the effect of simple internal structure, st...



Vehicle PM2.5 sensor air quality sensor

The air quality sensor can well detect air pollutants through the digital panel with the help of the pm2.5 sensor on the vehicle, and then use the vehicle air purifier equipped with the pm2.5 sensor on the vehicle, which can not only detect ...



Air quality sensors in car air purifiers

If the air quality sensor module is installed in the air purifier, it can not only achieve the monitoring effect, but also automatically turn on the air purifier every time the vehicle detects a certain amount of pollution, so that we can en...



Application of Optical Nanometer Sensor in Monitoring Air Pollution of Ordinary Street Lamp

Air pollution is one of the biggest environmental health risks in the world. The equipment needed to monitor air quality is often large and expensive....

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