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A brief analysis of the basic concept of particle size test of PM2.5 sensor

PM2.5 particles are very harmful to human body. Particles enter human body through human respiratory system and directly affect lungs. Moreover, small particles can even enter blood and other organs directly. ...



Smart home PM2.5 environmental detector, the application of PM2.5 sensor in the new air system

One of the most important functions of the fresh air system is to filter PM2.5 and haze in the air intelligently and purify the air. The sensor module USES the optical scattering principle to monitor and detect the concentration of dust in t...



Which PM2.5 sensor is better for PM2.5 detector?

The laser dust sensor is equipped with a fan, which can generate stable airflow and quickly obtain the PM2.5 concentration in the current environment. In the infrared dust sensor, there is only heating resistance, and airflow will be generat...



Seven mistakes in indoor use of air purifier. How many do you know?

In winter, there is a high incidence of haze, even in the room with closed doors and windows, PM2.5 pollution can not be blocked....



LD09 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

pm2.5 laser sensor module LD09 adopts MIE spherical particle scattering principle, laser sensor uses laser to irradiate suspended particulate matter in the air to produce light scattering, photoelectric detector collects scattering light int...



PM2.5 Detector

PM2.5 detector is specific to measure the PM2.5 (which can go directly to the alveoli of the lungs) data in the air. Laser method and particle counting...



GDS06 Infrared PM2.5 Sensor Model

Infrared Particle Sensor module GDS06 By using the principle of optical radiation, the dust sensor products by thetransformation of the light path and circuit, measure the dust density in the range of themeasurement, can be directly applicat...



Requirements of Sensors in Lidar System

What automotive and mobility requirements must such a measurement system meet? And, in particular, what challenges do the sensors used need to overcome?...



Application of PM2.5 sensor in dust removal spray system

In the process of building construction, road construction, house demolition, material transportation and other processes, dust particles are often generated, causing environmental pollution. These dust pollution will affect people's normal ...



The application of gas sensor is briefly described

Gas sensor is a kind of converting the information such as the composition, concentration of the gas can be personnel, instruments and meters, using the information, such as computers, electronic components, common gas sensors include: semic...



High Precision Laser Navigation Sensor

High precision laser navigation sensors are designed for applications that include high performance games, precise design graphics and high precision position checking. This kind of sensor is a kind of laser navigation sensor with high preci...



Sensor System of Sweeping Robot-Dust Recognition Sensor of Sweeping Robot

Sensors are indispensable to any robot. In order to have intelligent behavior, robots must constantly perceive the external environment and make corresponding decision-making behavior. LUFTMY specializes in the development and production of ...



What is the fresh air system?

The fresh air system is to supply fresh air to the room with special equipment on one side of the enclosed room, and then discharge it from the other side to the outside. ...



Applications of Laser Sensors in Various Areas

PM2.5 dust concentration laser sensor unit and other laser sensor optical sensors have many applications at this stage, especially in many industrial fields and distance measurement research....

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