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What are gas sensors and particulate sensors commonly used?

With the continuous development of intelligent life, intelligent home, robot, intelligent equipment has been widely used in life.These applications also include a variety of functional sensors, which respond by sensing to the center of the d...



What sensors are used in the smart home?

In today's interconnected age, modern people pursue a high-quality comfortable life, pay more attention to health, and have stricter requirements on the quality of living environment.Smart city and smart home emerge as The Times require. Sma...



The application of gas sensor is briefly described

Gas sensor is a kind of converting the information such as the composition, concentration of the gas can be personnel, instruments and meters, using the information, such as computers, electronic components, common gas sensors include: semic...



Laser dust sensor effectively detects hidden smog in the room

At present, major air purifiers, air conditioning systems and fresh air systems are equipped with PM2.5 sensor technology, such as particulate matter concentration detection sensor, to detect indoor PM2.5 content in real time, so as to bette...



Effective measures to deal with fine particulate matter PM2.5 in haze days.

haze is a hot search term, which is enough to occupy the top position in the microblog hot list. However, in recent years, with the severe haze days in the south, especially in the morning or at night, the humidity at this time point is rela...



15 Sensor Types Most Used by Internet of Things Application Development Corporation

Industry and organizations have long used a variety of sensors, but the invention of the Internet of Things has brought the development of sensors to a completely different level....



What is the role of air quality sensors? What are PM2.5 air quality sensors

At present, all kinds of air quality sensors have been widely used in air quality testing instruments and air purification devices such as air purifiers. LUFTMY specializes in providing air quality sensors with infrared dust sensors and lase...



Application of gas sensor in civil, industrial and environmental inspection field

Gas sensor is a kind of converter which converts specific gas volume fraction into corresponding electrical signal. It has been widely used in civil industrial environment test. Targeted gas sensor types on the market, such as PM2.5 sensor, ...

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