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What is the harm of PM2.5? What is PM2.5? The role of PM2.5 sensors

With haze becoming a hot word, air quality monitoring data, such as PM2.5, PM10, ozone, sulfur dioxide, etc., have become an important indicator to measure air pollution....



Laser dust particle counter sensor working principle

The detailed working principle of the dust particle counter sensor: the light from the light source is focused into the measuring cavity by the lens. When every particle in the air passes through the measuring cavity quickly, the incident li...



Importance of particle count in laboratory

Particle count is the key function of air quality monitoring in the whole science and technology laboratory, including biotechnology, biopharmaceutical production, semiconductor development and manufacturing, Nanotechnology Laboratory, which...



Which brand of hand vacuum cleaner is good? Smart dust sensor makes dust cleaning effect more intuitive

More and more intelligent household equipment such as vacuum cleaning robot into the ordinary home, for vacuum cleaning and cleaning robot real-time display of cleaning degree? Which brand is good to hold vacuum cleaner? Dust sensor makes du...



The difference between sweeping robot and vacuum cleaner -- sweeper robot and vacuum cleaner with built-in Smart dust sensor

Sweeper and vacuum cleaner are clean sanitation, can clean up the dust and small dirt on the ground, can bring convenience to our life, but do not know the difference between sweeping robot and vacuum cleaner, built-in micro dust sensor swee...

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