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What sensors are in the air quality detector?

Air pollution is becoming more and more serious.With the emergence of the word PM2.5, people begin to pay more and more attention to the environmental problems in our lives.PM2.5 refers to particles with an aerodynamic equivalent diameter of...



Application of PM2.5 sensor in air quality detector

With the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization in our country for energy consumption has increased gradually, in the process of the modernization will produce a lot of environmental problems, one of the main or air quality ...



PM2.5 sensor outdoor environment measurement and control function

Environmental pollution not only threatens human health and safety, but also restricts the sustainable development of social economy to a great extent....



How much is the indoor air quality detector? What determines the price of an air detector?

In order to achieve better purification effect and improve air quality, more and more enterprises and institutions, especially restaurants, hotels, clubs and other service-oriented organizations, choose to install indoor air quality detector...



Particulate pollution can have a negative effect on the brain

Particulate matter pollution is known to be a factor in increasing the risk of stroke. In addition, the 2004 American Heart Association scientific statement on "air pollution and cardiovascular disease" concluded that exposure to particulate...



Air quality sensors make air quality indicators easier to understand

Concerned about the quality of urban air and home air, more and more households use air purifiers with built-in PM2.5 sensors to purify indoor air. Air quality sensors make air quality indicators easier to understand....



Failure analysis of photoelectric sensor without signal

Photoelectric sensor has the characteristics of high accuracy, fast response, non-contact measurement and simple structure, which is widely used in detection and control. Although the forms of photoelectric sensors are flexible and diverse, ...



Application of Portable PM2.5 Detector with Built-in Particle Sensor

The birth of portable PM2.5 detector solves the problem of not always knowing the air quality around us, while the addition of high-precision PM2.5 sensor can keep abreast of the PM2.5 value of our environment, and the air pollution index ra...

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