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What is PM2.5? How to measure PM2.5 concentration indoors?

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The PM2.5 value is an air quality standard. The PM2.5 concentration limit in China is formulated in accordance with the most relaxed transition period standard recommended by WHO, that is, the annual average concentration limit is greater than or equal to 35 ug/m3, and the 24-hour average concentration limit is greater than or equal to 75 ug/m3. PM2.5 is particulate matter with diameter less than or equal to 2.5 microns, also known as fine particulate matter or particulate matter that can enter the lung, which is equivalent to 1/20 of the hair diameter and can enter the lung directly.

PM2.5 mainly comes from natural and man-made sources. It contains very little in the earth's atmosphere, but it has an important impact on air quality and visibility. PM2.5 is small in size, large in area, strong in activity, easy to attach toxic and harmful substances (such as heavy metals, microorganisms, etc.), and has a long residence time in the atmosphere and long transportation distance, so it has a great impact on human health and atmospheric environmental quality.

How to measure PM2.5 concentration indoors?

PM2.5 concentration detector needs PM2.5 sensor to support relevant theory and data. For example, Luftmy laser PM2.5 dust sensor LD12 is a high-precision particle concentration sensor based on laser Michaelis MIE scattering theory. It can continuously collect and calculate the number of suspended particles with different particle sizes in the air per unit volume, that is, the number of particles with different particle sizes. Particulate matter concentration distribution is converted into mass concentration and output in the form of universal digital interface. The sensor can be embedded in various instruments or environmental improvement equipment related to the concentration of suspended particulate matter in the air to provide timely and accurate concentration data.

LD12 laser PM2.5 dust sensor
LD12 laser PM2.5 dust sensor

Application fields of luftmy laser PM2.5 dust sensor: air purifier, air conditioner with purification function, PM2.5 detector, range hood, smoke alarm, fresh air system, dedicated PM2.5 sensor, air detector, wearable equipment, etc.

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