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What is the working principle of dust laser sensor

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Laser dust sensor is a kind of sensor which uses laser technology to measure dust concentration. It consists of fan, laser diode, receiver and measuring circuit. It can accurately measure the concentration of dust particles in the air. It is the most accurate dust sensor at present.It can not only detect the amount of particulate matter per unit mass, but also be widely praised for its minimal error rate and consistency. It is widely used in many high-end intelligent products.

LD12 laser PM2.5 dust sensor
LD12 laser PM2.5 dust sensor

Application fields of luftmy laser PM2.5 dust sensor: air purifier, air conditioner with purification function, PM2.5 detector, range hood, smoke alarm, fresh air system, dedicated PM2.5 sensor, air detector, wearable equipment, etc.

How dust laser sensor works

The light source of the dust laser sensor is laser diode. When working, the laser pulse is emitted by the laser emitting diode. At the same time, the fan in the sensor drives the air into the sensor by rotating, and detects it through the complex designed air duct.When fine particulate matter in the air enters the region where the laser beam is located, it will scatter the laser. The scattered light radiates at 360 degrees in space, and a photoelectric detector is placed in the sensor to receive only scattered light.Then the current signal is generated by the photoelectric effect of the photodetector. After amplification and treatment of the circuit, the concentration of fine particles can be obtained.

LD13 laser PM2.5 dust sensor
LD13 laser PM2.5 dust sensor

The main difference between laser dust sensor and infrared dust sensor is that the built-in fan of laser dust sensor can actively let air flow in and measure the concentration of particulate matter in air more evenly.

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