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How to choose car air purifier? Vehicle PM2.5 sensor is the most important

Update: 2019-09-12 17:28 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

The use of air purifiers is not limited to indoors. Many people have moved air purifiers with built-in PM2.5 sensors into their cars. Now there are many manufacturers of air purifiers on vehicles. How to choose when to buy air purifiers?

Air purifier with PM2.5 sensor
Air purifier with PM2.5 sensor

Purchase products according to demand:

1. It is suggested that products with purifying properties should be paid attention to and not be superstitious about auxiliary functions.

2. For new vehicles, the focus is on the purification ability of products to volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and toluene.

3. Used in haze-prone areas, focusing on the purification ability of PM2.5 and other particulate matter.

4. Used in cars with more passengers, focusing on the removal of odor and bactericidal ability of products.

Select purification performance with low power:

1. Under the same purification performance, try to choose products with low power and low noise;

2. Pay attention to the shape and size of products. The products selected should have no sharp edges and corners, the size is appropriate, the placement is stable, and the materials and core components are non-toxic and odor-free.

Note the inspection verification report:

It is suggested that when purchasing, the manufacturer should provide the inspection and verification report of the third party authoritative inspection organization with the "CMA" mark to confirm the measured value of the nominal purifying capacity (purifying efficiency), the test method and the product publicity, and pay attention to the rationality and effectiveness of the test method.

S7 Smart dust sensor
S7 Smart dust sensor

Luftmy S7 Smart dust sensor uses the principle of optical radiation and applies it to the ventilation duct installed in vacuum cleaner, sweeping robot and other equipment. Intelligent dust sensor accurately measures the number and concentration data of mites, dust, hair fibers and other particles, and displays the cleanliness of the ground, carpet, bedsheet, sofa, car and so on in real time. Degree data. The dust sensor of the vacuum cleaner can achieve the cleanliness of the ground, carpet and bed sheet, and effectively improve the environmental quality of our place.

Air purifier contains a variety of air quality sensors, sensors in the purifier is the key and more basic application. Luftmy is a professional manufacturer of dust concentration sensors, which is in the leading position in the same industry, and provides related PM2.5 sensor application solutions!

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