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A more intelligent air purifier is equipped with a particulate matter PM2.5 detection module

Update: 2019-09-11 17:00 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

More and more smart home enters the common people. The progress and innovation of smart home will bring more and more air purifier products equipped with dust identification sensors, dust sensors, PM2.5 detection sensors to achieve the effect of linkage with indoor smart home, so as to open or close windows when appropriate. In order to better provide better services for consumers.

In traditional home security solutions, it can help monitor the host to detect whether the threshold set by the user has been triggered. Once the conditions are met, a series of linkage operations can be realized. In smart home products, there are also many smart sensors, which can also help users detect a variety of needs, such as dust sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, harmful gas sensors, air quality sensors, laser particle sensors and so on.

Air cleaner
Air cleaner

In recent years, the application of dust sensor (PM2.5 sensor) has become more and more popular in many sensor applications. Especially in the background of more and more haze threats in China, many consumers will choose to buy intelligent air purifiers with built-in PM2.5 detection module dust sensor.To optimize the air quality at home.

But we also know that it is useless to detect the quality of air by light. We need to find problems and solve them, which is what users need. Many friends choose to buy air purifiers to solve the air problem at home, but it may not be enough to rely solely on the air detector of the purifier itself. After all, the equipment only detects the air quality around itself. If the room area is large, there may be an uneven air condition, so the dust sensor. It can be arranged in other parts of the house, triggering the opening and closing of the air purifier when needed, so as to make the function of the equipment more intelligent.

GDS06 infrared PM2.5 dust sensor
GDS06 infrared PM2.5 dust sensor

Luftmy infrared PM2.5 dust sensor module GDS06 uses the principle of optical scattering, through the conversion of optical path and circuit, measures the dust concentration within the detection range, and can directly use single chip computer for UART communication. The principle of infrared dust sensor GDS06 has the characteristics of small size, high precision, low power consumption and short response time. It is used in air purifier, fresh air system, air conditioning with purification function, etc.

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