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Haze-proof weather can not ignore indoor air quality environment

Update: 2019-09-11 15:58 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

Summer is coming to an end. Winter is getting closer with closer in the season of high haze. When air pollution is serious, many people feel that they should reduce outdoor activities as far as possible. They think that when they go out, they must wear masks of certain protective level to avoid the harm caused by air pollution. But I don't know that indoor environmental pollution is also very serious.


In the process of preventing and controlling haze, there are usually two misunderstandings:

1. Focusing only on outdoor air pollution, neglecting indoor air pollution. Many people even think that indoor air is safe and healthy as long as doors and windows are closed.

2.Focus only on indoor PM2.5 values, ignoring harmful gases, kitchen fumes, secondhand smoke, carbon dioxide concentration is too high, leading to deterioration of indoor environmental quality.

Air purifier with built-in PM2.5 detection module for particulate matter

Indoor environmental problems can not be ignored. Air purifiers and other air purification equipment with built-in PM2.5 detection module are essential products for home, especially for new home decoration or office decoration. In the air purifier equipment, the basic but necessary application is intelligent dust sensor and other sensors. Through the sensitivity of these air sensors, we can see whether it is beyond the appropriate concentration range of PM2.5, so as to achieve the purpose of indoor air purification.

S7 Smart dust sensor 

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