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How to choose sweeper robot, dust sensor in the application of sweeper robot

Update: 2019-09-07 17:44 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

Sweeping robots are entering more and more homes. But in the process of choosing to buy, many friends who are willing to buy are dazzled by the various data performance provided by the merchant. So how to choose a sweeping robot?

Sweeping robot
Sweeping robot

1. Capacity of dust collecting box of sweeping robot

Dust collecting box is an important device in sweeping the floor. Its main function is to place the dust and dirt cleaned by the sweeper. The size of dust collecting box is closely related to the cleaning range. If the dust collector is too small, the dust inhaled will clog the filter. The smaller impact may be that the inhalation attenuation is not clean, and the larger impact may lead to secondary air pollution or failure.

2. Height of sweeper robot body

In fact, the height of the sweeper robot has little relationship with the improvement of actual performance, but it has a great impact on the cleaning coverage. First, you need to determine the minimum height of space you want to clean in your home, such as the bottom of the table, the bottom of the bed, and the bottom of the cupboard. Once you know the height, you can see how high the sweeper needs to be to ensure higher cleaning coverage.

Sweeping robot
Sweeping robot

3. Sweeping Robot Avoiding Obstacles Sensitively in Complex Environment

The main work of the sweeping robot is sweeping the floor. One of the tasks is to avoid the obstacles of various household objects and protect itself and furniture from damage in a complex home environment. This is mainly reflected in the configuration of the detection system. There are mainly two kinds of detection systems used by sweeping robots. The most common one is infrared induction detection. Infrared devices are small in size, low in cost and flexible in design. They can be widely used in sweeping machines. The other is bionic ultrasonic radar detection. The device is large in size and high in cost, but the detection accuracy is also higher. Sweeper can only be configurated in a small amount, most manufacturers do not use it.

4. Cleaning Degree of Sweeping Robot

The sweeping robot can not achieve the degree of manual cleaning, nor can it really liberate people's hands. Even a sweeping robot with a price of nearly 10,000 yuan can not achieve such cleaning effect. In the process of cleaning, there is clearly dust beside the sweeping robot, but there is no cleaning.

5. Smart dust sensor, the sensor of the sweeper robot

In order to achieve a more ideal cleaning effect, smart dust sensor is needed, which can display the cleanliness data of the ground in real time, so that the sweeper can better complete the cleaning task of dust, hair fiber and other particles.

S7 Smart dust sensor
S7 Smart dust sensor

Luftmy S7 Smart Dust Sensor can be installed in ventilation ducts of acaricide remover, vacuum cleaner, sweeping robot and other equipment. It can accurately measure the number and concentration data of mites, dust, hair fiber and other particles, and display the cleanliness data of ground, carpet, bed sheet, sofa, car and so on in real time.

S7 Smart Dust Sensor can be used to realize the cleanliness of sweeping robot, acaricide remover, vacuum cleaner and other equipment in the cleanliness effect and the cleanliness of ground, carpet, bed sheet, etc. It can be visually presented to users through sensor output data and LED color display.

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