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How to choose a vacuum cleaner? Dust Recognition Perception of Vacuum Cleaner

Update: 2019-09-04 15:15 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

Vacuum cleaner has become an indispensable household cleaning tool for more and more families. How to distinguish the performance and function of vacuum cleaner? What is the effect of dust detection sensor S7 on vacuum cleaners to improve dust detection ability?

The vacuum cleaner
The vacuum cleaner

1. Whether the vacuum cleaner is wireless

Traditional wired vacuum cleaners usually carry garbage storage bin, which is relatively bulky and plugged in. In addition, such as the ceiling, chandeliers, etc. are too high to touch the sweep. And the wireless vacuum cleaner collects dust cylinder and motor in one, generally multi-charge use, lightweight and convenient, easy to be too high, sweeping scenes are wide.

2. Is there secondary pollution?

Was there any dust on the floor after using the vacuum cleaner? This is actually due to the "tail gas" of the vacuum cleaner. Many people may find it amazing that many vacuum cleaners are less tightly sealed and the filtering system is inefficient, which often causes a layer of dust attached to the swept floor, resulting in secondary pollution.

3. Dusting capacity

The main function of a vacuum cleaner is to collect dust. Therefore, the ability to collect dust is the primary condition for selecting a vacuum cleaner. Many businesses use a gimmick that sucks up bowling balls and even refrigerators to prove the suction of their vacuum cleaners, but in fact their ability to absorb dust is mediocre. Therefore, a good vacuum cleaner must depend on its actual ability to absorb dust.

4. Durability of vacuum cleaner

Many vacuum cleaners have good vacuuming ability in more time, but due to the limitation of technical ability, when the work exceeds a certain time, the suction becomes worse. The main reason is that too much dust causes the filter to block, unable to work normally.

S7 Smart dust sensor
S7 Smart dust sensor

Luftmy S7 Smart Dust sensor is installed in ventilation duct of vacuum cleaner and sweeping robot. It can accurately measure the quantity and concentration data of mites, dust and hair fibers, and display the cleanliness data of floor, carpet, bedsheet, sofa and car in real time. The cleanliness of the floor, carpet, bed sheet, etc. is realized. The data output by the sensor and the color display by the LED are presented to the user intuitively.

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