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How to Choose Wireless Vacuum Cleaner with Dust Recognition Sensor

Update: 2019-09-03 16:10 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

The reason why vacuum cleaner will become a hot product is because it solves the problem of household cleaning difficult. A good vacuum cleaner can not only bring a clean environment to the family, but also make lazy people love to clean. So how to choose and buy a necessary vacuum cleaner at home?

The vacuum cleaner
The vacuum cleaner

1. Product type -- wireless vacuum cleaners are favored by more people

With the continuous improvement and development of vacuum technology, as well as the continuous strengthening of people's needs in life, hand-held wireless vacuum cleaners gradually surpass wired vacuum cleaners and become the main force of household vacuum cleaners. Wireless vacuum collector cylinder and motor in one, generally multi-charge use, lightweight and convenient, wide cleaning scene.

2.The brand

The vacuum cleaner on market kind is various, the price is differ function each different, all sorts of brands also make a person dazzling, this is to pursue famous brand not just, more the quality that is big brand, safeguard and use experience are superior to the product of small brand. Excellent brands include philips, xiaomi, midea, haier, panasonic, supor and so on.

3. Battery life is very important for vacuum cleaners

Battery life is important for wireless vacuum cleaners, depending on the type and capacity of the vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaner battery on the market is roughly divided into nickel-cadmium battery, nickel-hydrogen battery, lithium battery power supply, the service life of different battery types is also different. At present, only lithium battery is the first choice of many brands.

4. More cleaning application scenarios can only be met with multiple suction heads

Because the rich diversity of household goods and the scene that decorate and style are not identical, need vacuum cleaner to be able to adapt to many scenes so. Many brands of vacuum cleaners come with multiple brush heads, either high or low, just by changing the brush head or nozzle.

The vacuum cleaner
The vacuum cleaner

5.Vacuum ability affects the cleaning effect of vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner as an efficient solution to the problem of household cleaning, its ability to dust is particularly important. And the size of suction and motor is proportional to the good or bad. The motor on the market is no more than two kinds: ordinary motor (brush motor) and Japan NIDEC motor (brushless motor), the more advanced to belong to the NIDEC motor, not only large suction, and small energy consumption.

6.Vacuum cleaners are equipped with dust recognition sensors

Luftmy s7-l Smart Dust sensor can accurately detect the quantity and concentration of particles in the ventilation pipe of the handle or extension bar of the vacuum cleaner, the cleaning robot, the range hood, the particle detection instrument and other equipment. Achieve the cleaning effect of vacuum cleaner and cleaning robot products and equipment, and the cleanliness of floor, carpet, bed sheet, etc., intuitively present to users through the output data of dust detection sensor and LED color display.

S7-L Smart dust sensor
S7-L Smart dust sensor

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