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What are the common sensors in smart appliances

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First of all, we need to understand what is smart home appliances -- smart home appliances are household appliances formed after the introduction of microprocessor, sensor technology and network communication technology into household appliances.It can automatically perceive the state of residential space, the state of home appliances and the state of home appliances service.It can automatically control and receive control instructions from residential users in the house or remotely;At the same time, as an integral part of smart home, smart home appliances can be connected with other home appliances, home appliances and facilities in the house to form a system and realize the function of smart home.

S7 Smart Dust sensor is installed in the ventilation duct of vacuum cleaner, sweeping robot and other equipment by using the principle of optical radiation. It can accurately measure the quantity and concentration data of mites, dust, hair fiber and other particles, and display the cleanliness data of ground, carpet, sheet, sofa, car and so on in real time.

S7 Smart dust sensor
S7 Smart dust sensor

So what kinds of common sensors are found in smart appliances?

(1) pressure sensor is used for water level switch control, such as water level monitoring of washing machine and dishwasher.

(2) photoelectric system is used to detect turbidity of washing machines and other household appliances.

(3) chemical sensors are used to detect water quality monitoring in household appliances, including solubility, PH value, turbidity and so on.

(4) electromagnetic sensor is used to control the movement of water spraying arm in dishwasher.

(5) thermocouple infrared sensors are used in cooking utensils, ovens and hair care appliances.

(6) flow sensor can be used to measure the quality of air in vacuum cleaners.

(7) intelligent multi-gas sensor can be used for automatic baking control.

(8) reed switch sensing technology is used in many home appliances. Including electrical water level test, dishwasher spray arm movement control, washing machine drum position test, electrical appliances safety control test and so on.

In the future, the popularization of smart home appliances will become an indispensable part of the smart home, at the same time, the large-scale popularization of smart home appliances will expand the foot.

Intelligent vacuum cleaner
Intelligent vacuum cleaner

P.S.Application fields of luftmy dust sensor: vacuum cleaner, sweeper, mite remover, intelligent trash bin, intelligent detector, etc.

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