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Indoor air pollution needs air purifier and other improvement measures

Update: 2019-08-24 16:43 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

In summer, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, many people like to stay at home in order to avoid the exposure of the scorching sun, blowing air conditioning, watching TV. In fact, indoor air pollution is more serious than outdoor air pollution in summer, so why?

How should indoor air pollution improve in summer?

1, decoration decoration materials: indoor decoration, must be in strict accordance with the national standards to choose materials. Because formaldehyde and other pollutants have cumulative effect, try to do simple installation! Newly decorated room, to ensure the ventilation and use of air purifier purification, but also can be placed in the newly decorated room, adsorption odor.

2, install home new fan: household new turbines is an effective air purification equipment, can make indoor air circulation, on the one hand, the indoor air pollution discharge outside, on the other hand the outdoor fresh air after the measure such as filters, and enter into indoor, make every hour in the room air is fresh and clean. Do not need to open a window to enjoy the fresh air of nature, meet the health needs of the human body.

Fresh air system
Fresh air system

The fresh air system needs to use dust PM2.5 sensor to improve performance and better realize air purification. Lofmi infrared PM2.5 sensor module HPD05 USES the optical scattering principle to detect the concentration of dust in the air. The sensor is equipped with an infrared light-emitting diode and a highly sensitive photoelectric receiving sensor. The PM2.5 sensor module is suitable for air purifier, air conditioner with purification function, fresh air system and air quality testing instrument.

HPD05 infrared PM2.5 dust sensor
HPD05 infrared PM2.5 dust sensor

3, lampblack machine: must use lampblack machine, reduce kitchen lampblack pollution. After cooking, don't close it immediately. Open it again for 3-5 minutes to remove excess lampblack. Take lampblack machine to use 3-6 months should be cleaned regularly, because its inside easy adherent toxic lampblack composition, accumulate time to grow, besides can be inhaled by cook outside, still possibly diffuse to sitting room, bedroom, aggravate indoor air pollution.

Smoke lampblack machine
Smoke lampblack machine

4, Choose decontamination green plants: green plants have certain purification functions for some gaseous pollutants in indoor air, which has been proved by experimental research and practice. The plant that can absorb poisonous chemical material has aloe, condole orchid, ivy to wait, rose, lemon, carnations also have antiseptic effect. Nevertheless, although green plant has certain purify action, but its purify effect is limited, see specific condition and contaminant kind to wait even.

5, remove toilet smell: at present on the market a lot of toilet cleaner, deodorant, should use as little as possible or not. They contain a variety of volatile chemicals that are prone to pollution. A few common goods in the life can have deodorant effect, open a box of cool oil for instance lid, put in toilet corner low place.

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