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How to Choose a Good Vehicle Air Purifier

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Many car owners have the same troubles, sometimes feel that the air inside the car will be relatively stuffy, mixed with seat, leather cover, car exhaust smell, not only that, when the car is driving the opportunity to generate TVOC, dust particles PM2.5, leakage of car exhaust, etc., will cause harm to the passengers on the car.

Vehicle Air Purifier
Vehicle Air Purifier

Therefore, many people will choose to buy an on-board air purifier in the car to improve the environment.The demand of air purifier also reflects people's attention to environment and health to some extent.Configure a good air conditioning filter screen in the car, you can remove indoor pollutants?In fact, there is a mistake here, the filter is a certain resistance, different levels of the filter resistance is different.The filters that can effectively filter PM2.5 are called HEPA HEPA filters, and the resistance is high.If directly modified for air conditioning filters will affect the air conditioning output, which will lead to a greatly reduced cooling effect in summer. Therefore, the car factory in general with coarse filter, reduce the resistance.

At present, there are a lot of car air purifiers on the market, but as long as divided into two schools, respectively, filter and ionization filter type two.The most important indicator for buying an air purifier in a car is similar to that at home. CADR value should be checked when buying an air purifier.Only those car air purifiers with qualified CADR values on the selected parameters can truly improve the interior environment. However, at present, many car air purifiers have relatively low parameters.So we must pay attention to the parameters when buying car air purifier, in order to buy can effectively improve the air environment of the purifier.

Vehicle-mounted air purifiers need pm2.5 sensors to assist in air purification.Application fields of luftmy infrared PM2.5 dust sensor: air conditioner with purification function, air purifier, vehicle-mounted purification equipment, portable detector, fresh air system, intelligent detector, etc.

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