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What are the commonly used sensors in intelligent home

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With the development of intelligence, the home industry has also taken a ride in the intelligent car, and in the measurement of home environment, air quality, etc. in the smart home, what are the indispensable and important sensors? Let Luefemai to introduce one by one for everyone.


1. Gas sensor

In home life, flammable gas and polluting gas are important factors affecting people's health.

In the smart home, through the gas concentration sensor, can realize the analysis of dangerous gas, so as to take targeted control strategy, which is also to maintain the safety of family life, the danger to eliminate in the period of the important link.


2, temperature and humidity sensor

The temperature and humidity conditions in the family environment are not only related to the quality of the family environment, but also closely related to human health. It can be said that it is a crucial link in the smart home.

In the smart home, through the real-time monitoring and regulation of temperature and humidity, a comfortable living environment can be created and a good home experience can be brought.

What are the commonly used sensors in intelligent home

3. Infrared sensor

In the field of smart home, many scenes can be identified and controlled by human body sensing. Whether it is the door, light, curtain, or the opening and closing of electrical equipment with infrared switch, the realization of these functions cannot be achieved without the support of infrared sensor technology.


4. PM2.5 sensor

In recent years, people pay more and more attention to haze, indoor PM2.5 content has also become an important factor affecting indoor air quality.With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and health, the monitoring of PM2.5 in smart home system has become an indispensable important work.

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