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Air purifier is to use infrared PM2.5 sensor, or laser sensor

Update: 2021-06-11 09:52 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

With the increasingly serious problem of environmental pollution, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life. How to purify air, how to absorb fresh air and improve the quality of living environment has become one of the important issues in today's society.The PM2.5 dust sensor used to measure air quality indicators plays a very important role in air purifiers, air conditioners, fresh air systems, smart home and other fields.


General air purifier, in order to save cost is the low precision of the infrared PM2.5 sensor can measure a probably of PM2.5 concentration range, the estimation of calculation, measurement results are for reference only, the accuracy is low, usually used to judge the dust pollution level, but the price is relatively cheap sensors, cost is low.

Air purifier is to use infrared PM2.5 sensor, or laser senso

But with the innovation and development of technology, the air purification system and equipment have become more and more strict, no longer limited to the simple pollution level detection, but also need high-precision measurement data.Different from the infrared dust sensor, laser PM2.5 sensor based on quantitative measurement, can detect particle size as small as 0.1μm fine particles, high accuracy, superior performance, with the widespread use of large areas, the price relative to the infrared dust sensor has not much difference, but is a cost-effective choice.


At present, the following factors are usually considered in the selection of PM2.5 sensors in the market: output mode, size, measurement accuracy, response speed, power consumption, measurement range, consistency and stability, etc.


LD16 laser dust sensor module developed by Lufmai is a high-precision particle concentration sensor based on the theory of laser Mie Mie scattering. It can continuously collect and calculate the number of suspended particles of different sizes in the air per unit volume. It has UART and PWM multi-output mode, real-time response and continuous collection, small size.High precision (the minimum resolved particle size of 0.1 micron), low power consumption, long service life, electrical control life ≥8 years, a wide range of applications, suitable for detectors, wearables, air purifiers, fresh air system and many other product fields.

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