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What sensors do air purifiers need to use

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At present, the environmental pollution is serious, from the current national environmental protection situation, the control of air pollution has almost become the top priority of domestic "energy saving and emission reduction".Just as Uncle Xi said, clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains, which shows that the country attaches great importance to environmental pollution.The main source of air pollution is the exhaust gas produced by the chemical industry and automobile exhaust gas in the process of industrialization.Therefore, air purifiers are widely used in various indoor places, such as families, hospitals, schools, enterprises and so on.With the improvement of people's quality of life, higher requirements have been put forward for air purification. The dust sensor, an important component that determines the quality and efficiency of air purifiers, is like the CPU of a computer. It has become the core factor that determines whether air purifiers are efficient to distinguish air quality.


As we all know, second-hand smoke is very harmful, but there are still a lot of people like to smoke indoors, resulting in poor indoor air quality, many people can not stand the taste of second-hand smoke.Secondhand smoke also takes a lot of time to evaporate.This situation can be improved if air purifiers are used. Air purifiers can filter harmful indoor gases and release fresh air, contributing to human health and keeping indoor air fresh.

Luftmy LD15 Laser dust sensor

Dust and fine dust are also very common in indoor environments. Dust, especially fine dust, has a great impact on the lungs, which is well known.Once people inhale too much dust, it will affect the health of the body, serious may cause some diseases.Therefore, it is very important to filter fine dust in the chamber.Air purifiers rely on unique technology to purify these ingredients, which also provides greater assurance of indoor air quality.


As an important component to identify air quality, dust sensor is the top priority in the application of air purification. Dust/dust sensor has become a standard installation component of purification equipment or purification system.More and more air purifiers use dust sensors, which can achieve the purpose of intelligent control equipment.The dust sensor outputs the signal value after sampling, and the main control panel of the air purifier adjusts the cleaning gear according to the received signal.This is how the dust sensor in an air purifier works simply.


About the dust sensor selected for air purifier, it is recommended to use the LD15 laser dust sensor. LD15 laser dust sensor adopts the principle of laser Mie Mie spherical scattering combined with the Leefmai space measurement patent to achieve accurate measurement, zero error alarm rate, real-time response and support continuous collection, and the minimum resolved particle size can reach 0.1μm.Electrical control life can reach more than 8 years.Therefore, many air purifier enterprises have chosen Luefmai's laser dust sensor.

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