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What kind of sensor is suitable for the fresh air system

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In recent years, due to the impact of air pollution, haze, and people's pursuit of quality of life, more and more fresh air purification products have entered thousands of families.Although the appearance of the products is different, the principle is the same. All the particles harmful to human body in the air are filtered by the way of air filter, mainly dust particles, fine dust particles, PM2.5 particles and so on.Dust in the air purification system by setting the sensor ways of real-time detection of air quality condition (mesh front end dust detection sensor), and then through the test data control the operation of the fresh air system, this can let the user intuitive understanding air quality situation, at the same time can also be scientific and reasonable control of air purification equipment, to achieve more efficient and energy saving air purification efficiency.


The intelligent fresh air system is mainly used for indoor air purification. It mainly detects the content of dust particles in the air through two dust sensors at the front and rear of the filter screen. The main control chip controls the operation of the axial flow fan according to the detection data of the sensor, so that the air through the filter screen can filter the dust particles in the air to achieve purification and filtration.And according to the test data of two sensors the assessment of the effect of filter mesh and mesh remaining service life, at the same time the new fan can be testing data, fan running condition of the sensor, PTC heating component state new fan system of the main parameters, such as WiFi uploaded to the cloud server, the user can use the phone to the operation of the new fan,Further improve the user experience.

What kind of sensor is suitable for the fresh air system


In this kind of fresh air system, dust sensor is an important component to control the operation of fresh air system. It is mainly used to detect dust in indoor air. Therefore, the performance parameters of the dust sensor determine whether the air quality parameters detected by the fresh air system are accurate and whether the fresh air system can run efficiently and energy-saving.According to the above description, the more suitable sensor is recommended as the Luefmai PM2.5 dust sensor, which has multiple advantages such as high accuracy, good consistency, 0 error rate, strong anti-interference ability, low power consumption, long life, and has multi-protocol output, supporting PM0.3/0.5/1.0/2.5/10 and other particle concentration detection.

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