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What are the uses of dust concentration sensors

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With the acceleration of industrialization, air pollution is becoming more and more serious. Our country has begun to control air pollution, and we ourselves have to take corresponding measures to protect our common ecological environment and health, so that we can avoid the harm caused by environmental pollution.


Artificial sources include fixed sources and mobile sources.Fixed sources include all kinds of fuel combustion sources, such as power generation, metallurgy, petroleum, chemistry, textile printing and dyeing and other industrial processes, heating, cooking in the process of coal and gas or fuel emissions of soot.The flow source is mainly the exhaust gas discharged into the atmosphere after all kinds of vehicles use fuel in the process of movement.


What are the uses of dust concentration sensors
PM2.5 can be converted from sulfur and nitrogen oxides.
And these gas pollutants are often caused by the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, etc.) and garbage.In developing countries, coal burning is the main way to heat homes and provide energy.Diesel cars without advanced exhaust treatment are also a source of particulate matter.Trucks that burn diesel fuel emit impurities that cause more particulate matter.


What are the uses of dust concentration sensors

Secondhand smoke is the leading source of particulate matter indoors.The source of particulate matter is incomplete combustion, so as long as it is burning tobacco products, will produce serious harm of particulate matter, the use of better quality cigarettes is only self-comfort of smokers, and may even cause greater harm because of the low smell;The same applies to the burning of gold paper, incense and mosquito coil incense.


First, we need to know the dust generally refers to as dirt, dust, smoke, dust, powder, etc., such as important reason is that pm2.5 in the fog, qiu dong season can also be called the dust, that we see all kinds of sensors, specific how to call, actually basically see what is you use occasions, different occasions, also to the requirement is different, have different nature call.For example, dust concentration sensor to measure air quality, test air quality, also known as PM2.5 sensor, test dust, also known as dust sensor;There are also home indoor environment measurement, PM2.5 in the atmosphere, this sensor is also the PM2.5 sensor.


In the current environmental monitoring, PM2.5 is a very important monitoring index, and fine dust in the air has become an important part of PM2.5 index, so fine dust has also become the object of environmental monitoring.In order to reduce environmental pollution, dust detection instruments of PM2.5 sensors can be used to monitor particulate matter in the air. For example, an infrared sensor equipped with GDS06 infrared PM2.5 sensor can be used to monitor particulate matter in the atmosphere.


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