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On the important role of various sensors in air purifier

Update: 2021-03-26 10:59 Source: Luftmy Reading: ↻ News

    Environmental pollution has become a common concern of all mankind and a problem that can only be solved by our joint efforts.From the initial understanding of haze, to gradually realized PM2.5, PM10, to indoor pollution sources formaldehyde VOC, to atmospheric ozone pollution, etc.Site dust pollution, automobile exhaust pollution, street barbecue restaurant snack pollution and so on all our naked eye can be checked, can be analyzed pollution sources.


    Each time a "new term" of pollution appears, relevant experts and scholars will make a detailed analysis, from its origin to its development process to how it affects human health and what consequences it will have on human beings, and then give a series of protection suggestions.

dust sensor

     In order to comply with the needs of market development, the major manufacturers began to seize the opportunity, emerged as The Times require a variety of "booster".For example, if we stay outdoors, we need to wear protective masks with automatic filtration and ventilation functions.Stay in the car, there is the car's own internal circulation ventilation cleaning system or car air purifier;Staying indoors, having multi-functional air purifiers or new fans, as well as the anti-pollution buildings being built in many areas are all in the plan.


    And today LuftMy is not to talk about the quality of specific purification products, but to trace back to the source, from the "heart" of all purification products began to analyze, to show you, each "booster" core product problems.


    Take the most popular air purifier on the market as an example, an air purifier is mainly composed of case shell, motor, fan, air duct, filter layer (primary effect network, HEPA network, activated carbon network), sensor, display screen and so on.


    The working principle of air purifier is: the motor and fan in the machine circulate the indoor air, and the polluted air passes through the air filter screen in the machine to remove or absorb all kinds of pollutants.


    At the present stage, the air purifier shell on the market is generally plastic shell or sheet metal shell, and there are some other materials made of acrylic and other materials. The overall impact of the shell material on the purifier is not the center of gravity, and the most key is the filter screen and fan.


    Screen material, thickness and area should also be suitable.Filter selection businesses are generally follow the initial effect + activated carbon + high efficiency model, in addition, electrostatic dust removal, UV lamps, streamer energy, photocatalyst also comes down to the scope of the filter.


    The fan is generally EC fan or AC fan, imported fan and domestic fan are in use.


    Electrical control mainly includes LCD touch screen display, APP control, sensors and so on.


    An excellent quality purifier is the game of fan, filter screen, electrical, noise, energy consumption and user experience, and the general influence of the whole purifier is more about the performance of the built-in air quality sensor.


    About the application of sensors in the air purifier, it also includes PM2.5 sensors, odor sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, temperature and humidity sensors and many other kinds of air quality sensors.


    PM2.5 sensor is also called dust sensor, dust sensor, can be used to detect the dust concentration in the surrounding air, that is, PM2.5 value size.Aerodynamics refers to dust with a diameter of less than 10μm that can enter the alveolar region as respiratory dust.


    Odor sensor is widely used in household environment harmful gas detection, automatic exhaust device, air purifier, etc., to detect indoor formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, alcohol, ammonia, cigarette smoke, flavor and other odor.


    Carbon dioxide sensor, is a general intelligent small sensor, using the principle of non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) to detect the presence of CO2 in the air, has a good selectivity and oxygen dependence.


    Finally, Luftmy, a sensor manufacturers to do products recognized by the public and use for a long time, that is about to do it by inside and the high performance and the overall reliability, and for consumers, when buying, according to their own needs combination of price, quality, technology, design and service of products to choose a different brand of products.

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