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Application of dust sensor in various fields

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With the arrival of autumn and winter season, some industrial developed, densely populated cities are prone to haze weather.Haze is the aerosol formed by the suspension of dust particles and water vapor in the air for a long time, which affects the air quality and also affects people's health.Often in the haze environment is prone to cause a series of respiratory diseases.In order to accurately grasp the local air quality and take relevant measures in time, dust sensors are widely used in environmental monitoring equipment.

Application of dust sensor in various fields

Dust sensors are mainly used in air purifiers, portable air quality detectors, industrial production dust environment monitoring and other places and fresh air systems.

Air purifier

As the main force to eliminate indoor pollutants, removing indoor dust is the basic function of air purifier.Dust sensor is undoubtedly the source of dust removal in air purifiers. At present, most air purifiers in the market adopt laser PM2.5 dust sensor to detect indoor dust.

Portable air quality detector

Now more and more people use the air detector, mainly because of air quality in recent years, much attention, only to see haze, but don't know to what extent on earth pollution, which can make people feel uneasy, air detector to the extent of air pollutants digital, make the air pollution data visibility.The dust sensor is also one of the core components of the air detector. The detection output signal of the dust sensor shows the real-time concentration of PM2.5 in the air.

Industrial production dust environment monitoring and other places

Dust and other fine particles are often produced in industrial production. Workers' health will be seriously affected if they stay in the environment with excessive dust concentration for a long time.For example, industrial and mining enterprises will produce a large amount of dust, which not only harms human health and causes occupational diseases, but also accelerates mechanical wear and tear.To shorten the service life of precision instruments and to be explosive under certain conditions.Dust is produced in the production process of industrial and mining enterprises all kinds of production technology: such as drilling, blasting, mining and cutting, top coal, building construction, cement production, open pit mining stripping, crushing, mineral processing and screening.Production workers work in a high-concentration dust environment for a long time and inhale a large amount of fine dust, which seriously harms human health and causes occupational diseases such as coal lung disease and coal silence lung disease.In order to protect workers' health, it is necessary to detect and control productive dust.A dust sensor should be installed in the working environment to detect the environment and ensure that excessive dust is not inhaled.

Fresh air system

In the fresh air system is one of the main functions of intelligent filter dust PM2.5 particles in the air, the dust particles in the air for enters the body will follow the respiratory tract, there is a lot of harm to human body health, PM2.5 concentration of dust in the air content is higher, the more serious air pollution, dust sensor is the key to the perception of dust particles in the air.

LD12 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

LUFTMY laser dust sensor

The laser dust sensor developed and manufactured by Luffsma is a general-purpose, miniaturized laser dust sensor module, which can detect dust particles in the air by using the Principle of Michler scattering.Through professional algorithm and calibration detection process, the sensor has good consistency and stability.The sensor has the ability of serial port output and PWM output at the same time, which is convenient to use, small in size and convenient for integrated application.

Online application

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