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What sensors are in the fresh air system?PM2.5 sensor recommendation

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In recent years, people pay more and more attention to air quality and life experience, and the demand for relevant air purification equipment also increases gradually. Air purifier and fresh air system have become daily household appliances.Take fresh air system as an example. In some indoor places in big cities, fresh air system has become an indispensable intelligent device.

Fresh air system is a set of independent air treatment system composed of supply air system and exhaust air system. It can be divided into two kinds: tubular fresh air system and ductless fresh air system.The duct fresh air system is composed of a new fan and pipe fittings. The new fan purifies the outdoor air into the room, and the indoor air is discharged through the pipe.The pipeless fresh air system is composed of new fans, which also purify the outdoor air into the room.Relatively speaking, the tubular fresh air system is more suitable for industrial or large-area office area due to its large amount of work, while the ductless fresh air system is more suitable for family use due to its convenient installation.Auston Chun in 1935, after many attempts to invent.Created the world's first heat exchange device that filters air pollution, also known as the fresh air system.

What sensors are in the fresh air system?PM2.5 sensor recommendation

Advantages of fresh air system:

1) You can enjoy the fresh air of nature without opening a window;

2) Avoid "air conditioning disease";

3) Avoid mildew on indoor furniture and clothes;

4) Remove the harmful gas released after indoor decoration for a long time, which is beneficial to human health;

5) Recover indoor temperature and humidity to save heating expenses;

6) Effectively eliminate all kinds of indoor bacteria and viruses;

7) Super silent;

8) Reduce indoor CARBON dioxide concentration;

9) Dustproof.

Applications of sensors:

With the development of artificial intelligence, the realization of intelligent control of fresh air system is also the focus of the development of modern society, and the addition of sensors is essential.Air quality sensor, PM2.5 sensor, carbon dioxide sensor, formaldehyde sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, ozone sensor have become the standard of fresh air system.

Common sensors will be added to the host system, direct linkage control, through the setting of various parameters, can realize the fan automatic start and stop, air volume adjustment, and so on.In addition, it can also be directly made into a separate detector display, which can be placed at any position in the home, beautiful and convenient. The fan linkage control can be realized through wireless means, and the user can check the data of each detection index in real time.There is a more popular at present, more general method, integrate all sensors to a board, made 86 box the size of the panel, can be directly embedded into the wall, save a space, and each room can separate control display data to start the fan, air volume control, reduce the waste person is not in the other space is open.This method is often widely used in kindergartens, schools, hospitals, offices and so on.

In the next five years, with the increase consumer awareness of fresh air, fresh air market increasingly mature, fresh air system of various indicators, also will be more and more people are familiar with, the relevant policies and regulations should be so will improve, and the standards for health and life quality requirements gradually improve, fresh air system requirements will get higher purification efficiency.

Recommended for PM2.5 sensors:GDS06 Infrared PM2.5 Sensor Model

GDS06 Infrared PM2.5 Sensor Model

The main features

◆ Laser MIE spherical scattering principle combined with Lovelace space measurement patent to achieve accurate measurement;

◆ Zero error alarm rate;

◆ Real-time response and support continuous acquisition;

◆ Minimum resolution particle size 0.1 m;

◆ Life of electronic control devices ≥ 8 years, the average working time without failure ≥ 5 years;

◆ Shell shielding combined with software anti-jamming algorithm, anti-jamming performance is stronger;

◆ Wide range of application, no need for air duct design, compatible with multi-protocol output;

Multi-interface design, suitable for air purifier, fresh air system, etc.

Online application

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