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Did you know that sensors are common in smart homes?

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The development and popularization of smart home make people's life more convenient and intelligent. Smart home is a systematic product concept, while sensor is a "bridge" connecting traditional home equipment such as doors, Windows and lights.Through a variety of sensor devices, the realization of the scene of the smart home, in the future, there will also be more functional sensor applications in the smart home, let people experience the fun of intelligent life, here to see the common sensor in the smart home.

Did you know that sensors are common in smart homes

Temperature sensor

A temperature sensor is a sensor that senses temperature and converts it to a usable output signal.The temperature sensor is the core part of the temperature measuring instrument. It has a great variety and is the first developed and most widely used sensor.The market share of temperature sensors is much higher than that of other sensors.Temperature sensors can be divided into contact and non-contact types according to the measurement methods: According to the characteristics of the sensor materials and electronic components can be divided into thermistor temperature sensor and thermocouple temperature sensor two types;Electronic temperature sensor USES temperature sensor, signal processing unit, display screen, power supply and other sensing elements in conjunction with controller to measure the temperature of air or water in air duct or water pipe.Temperature sensors are widely used in building automation, climate and HVAC signal collection, climate stations in museums and hotels, greenhouses and pharmaceutical industries.

Gate magnetic sensor

The door magnetic sensor can be used to detect whether doors, Windows, drawers, etc., have been opened or moved illegally.This kind of sensor is generally installed on the door or window, inductive door and window switch, with other intelligent security products to prevent the occurrence of outside intrusion.It is composed of the main body of the gate magnet and the permanent magnet. After the two leave a certain distance, the gate magnetic sensor will send radio signals to the system terminal for alarm.

LD15 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model
LD15 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

PM2.5 sensor

LUFTMY Wallace laser PM2.5 sensor detection precision is high, fast response time, scattering principle used to test the dust particles in the air precisely and quickly, the automatic detection of PM2.5 in the air, relevant data can be displayed in the main control machine and smart client, master machine also can be detected by numerical intelligent linkage with other equipment of PM2.5, when PM2.5 in the air is too high, can control the intelligent Windows, Windows and open the air purifier or fresh air system to purify air, let the house air to keep pure and fresh;In addition, the LD15 laser PM2.5 sensor is relatively small in size and can also be directly embedded into the self-purification system of air purifier products.

In today's era of smart home, modern people pursue a high-quality comfortable life, pay more attention to health, and have more stringent requirements on the quality of the living environment.Smart city and smart home emerge as The Times require, and smart home devices based on environmental monitoring are widely sought after.

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