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To interpret the important components of air purifier - dust sensor

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For people living in cities frequently polluted by the environment, air purifiers have become the standard household appliances. Air purifiers can greatly help indoor air purification and eliminate harmful substances such as dust and formaldehyde.To realize the function of the air purifier, each module should play its own role. Now, we need to interpret the important component of the air purifier -- dust sensor.

To interpret the important components of air purifier - dust sensor

Origin of Sensor Technology

In the 1980s, air purifiers sought to "remove the smell of smoke."Among the sensors, the air purifier is first equipped with a "smell sensor," also known as a VOC sensor or air quality sensor.The function of the smell sensor is to detect the concentration of "smell" substances floating in the air.When the surface of a sensor made of MOS absorbs odor molecules, the electrical conductivity increases and the resistance decreases.The sensor detects changes in resistance to determine the concentration of odorous substances.

Application of dust sensor

Due to the increasing phenomenon of environmental pollution, dust concentration in the air is often high, the air purifier from the original "remove the smell of smoke" to the real purification of indoor air.There is an air purifier on the market that can directly display THE PM2.5 value. According to the identification of the dust sensor, it can automatically adjust the indoor air purification and the wind speed. All these intelligent operations benefit from the high-precision laser dust sensor.

Dust sensor is an important component of air purifier

Dust sensor is an important component of air purifier, applied in air purifier products, there will be more and more air purifier brand upgrading of speed sensor, fuzzy recognition only air quality sensor could be eliminated, more and more purifier brand will be aware of the needs of users, product update all the necessary dust sensors.

LD13C Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

High precision laser dust sensor model recommendation: LD13C laser dust sensor

LD13C laser dust sensor is a high precision based on the theory of the laser MIE scattering particle concentration sensor, its small volume, strong ability to resist dust, wide scope of application, no need to air duct design, compatible with multi-protocol output, can be embedded in a variety of instruments associated with concentration of suspended particles in the air or environment to improve the equipment, to provide timely and accurate concentration data.

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