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Application of dust particle sensor in dust-free workshop of food factory

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We all know that what we eat has a direct impact on our health.In the frequent food accidents around the world, pathogenic bacteria poisoning is still the leading role.The main reason is that many food production enterprises lack relevant professional knowledge, food production environment is not safe and sanitary.At the same time, the air, equipment, packaging materials and other sterilization methods in the production shop are not effectively sterilized or not completely sterilized, and microorganisms can rapidly grow and reproduce after entering these items and come into contact with food.

Application of dust particle sensor in dust-free workshop of food factory

Both food processing plants and food packaging plants must meet high hygiene requirements and standards.In the process of food production, microbial contamination is also one of the important factors affecting food quality.Therefore, in the process of food production, monitoring the microorganisms and dust particles in the air is a key measure to maintain the cleanliness of the production plant, so as to minimize the risk of pollution.Among them, remote air dust particle sensor can be used for the monitoring of dust particles in the air.

The cleanliness of food plant and the continuous stability of pollution control are the core criteria for inspecting the quality of clean room in food plant.The dustfree workshop specification of food factory can be divided into several levels according to regional environment, purification degree and other factors.Dust-free workshop refers to a specially designed room that removes particulates, harmful gases, bacteria and other pollutants from the air in a certain space, and where indoor temperature, cleanliness, pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise, vibration and lighting, and static electricity are controlled within a certain range.

All equipment, practical materials and manufacturing processes in the food factory clean room shall be designed to facilitate proper cleaning and maintenance to prevent food contamination.Surfaces of equipment in contact with food shall be made of non-toxic materials resistant to corrosion.At the same time, the joints on the food contact surface should be smooth, which minimizes the accumulation of food particles, dirt and organic matter, thus minimizing the opportunities for microbial growth and reproduction.

Dust particle sensor module recommended:GDS06 Infrared PM2.5 Sensor Model

GDS06 Infrared PM2.5 Sensor Model
GDS06 Infrared PM2.5 Sensor Model

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