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Laser PM2.5, PM10 dust sensor applications

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At present, the PM value of cities has become one of the indicators of air quality. The higher the concentration of dust in the air, the worse the air quality will be. Some studies have shown that the incidence of lung disease among people is also positively correlated with the local air quality.It can be seen that excessive dust concentration will affect the atmospheric environment, but also seriously affect people's health.

Laser PM2.5, PM10 dust sensor applications

Dust emission sources and control measures

Industrial enterprises in production operations, motor vehicle exhaust, coal burning and other dust emissions are the main causes of dust pollution in the atmosphere.Economic development cannot leave the production of the enterprise, both to promote economic development, and to meet do not harm to people's health, do as much as possible to reduce pollution, across departments by big data for enterprises to carry out on-line monitoring with dust homework, real-time monitoring of its enterprise dust emissions is qualified, so as to achieve early warning, transfinite reminds, the monitoring of early warning, overrun condition may require rapid processing enterprises, do a good job, dust dust reduction by big data monitoring method can timely find sources can in advance to do a good job of dust fall again, can appear more blue sky and white clouds to provide basic data,The data analysis of the monitoring system relies on the monitoring data of the monitoring equipment, which comes from the core component of the monitoring equipment -- dust sensor.

Laser PM2.5, PM10 dust sensor applications

Dust monitoring equipment

On-line monitoring system for big data analysis on monitoring equipment, monitoring equipment sensor data on dust, dust sensors as monitoring equipment core components, products widely used in dust monitoring instrument integration, such as dust, air quality on-line monitoring system for micro station monitoring system, coal mine dust monitor, yard dock dust monitoring for all need to monitor the dust density instrument will be obtained by dust sensor monitoring data.The dust density is to determine the precise instrument of air quality standards, its accuracy, stability, service life, quality performance is important in the whole quality detecting instrument, a good dust monitoring instrument in the product development integration when chosen the right dust sensor can reduce later after-sales service costs, as well as the guarantee for its product quality.

Indoor household appliances

Using dust sensor, air purifier can quickly perceive the change of indoor air quality, give feedback to users, and change the gear can undoubtedly clean the air more effectively and save energy and prolong life.The vacuum cleaner is visually presented to the user through the output data of the dust sensor and the LED color display, so as to achieve the cleanliness of the dust cleaning effect. The device intelligently controls the speed of the motor according to the sensor data to achieve quiet, energy saving and prolong the life of the motor.

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LD13 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

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