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Air purifier application solution based on PM2.5 sensor

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For many people, they spend most of their time indoors, so the air quality of indoor environment should not be underestimated. Indoor air quality is related to people's health, and also affects the quality of life and work.In addition to the influence of atmospheric environment, indoor air quality can also be caused by indoor decoration, smoking, cooking, etc.

Air purifier application solution based on PM2.5 sensor

The air inside the building should be exchanged with the outdoor at least once an hour. In this way, outdoor PM2.5 pollution will also affect indoor air quality through air exchange.With the development of smart home, people want to pursue quality life, one of the requirements is the use of various smart home products have a certain degree of comfort.Humanized details of the design, is a smart home brand pursuit of excellence, for the sake of the embodiment of customers.Air purification products continue to sell, the most typical is the air purifier.

The so-called air purification, simply speaking is the air filtration, the following small series briefly introduce the air purifier of several purification technologies.

Generally speaking, the objects of air purification are:

1. Inhalable particles -- Particles smaller than 10 microns are commonly referred to as PM10, also known as inhalable particles or dust.Including dust, smoke, pollen and other particulate suspended matter.They are very harmful to people with asthma and respiratory diseases;

2. Microorganisms and allergens -- including all kinds of common bacteria, viruses, mite remains, dander, etc., especially for families that keep pets;

3. Volatile organic compounds -- including ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, TVOC, etc.Volatile organic compounds react easily with oxygen and other oxidants, releasing more dangerous toxins.

Therefore, air purification technology refers to the technology of indoor air pollution control.Can improve indoor air quality, improve living and working conditions, improve physical and mental health.It has the advantages of comprehensive function and fashionable appearance.Air purification technology refers to a series of technologies with this function.

Although the most typical products of air purification are air purifiers, there are many categories of air purifiers, which are simply divided into physical purification and chemical purification according to different properties.Physical purification is adsorption, such as HEPA filter, activated carbon adsorption, chemical purification is decomposition, mainly targeting at harmful gases.The technical principle is high energy particle oxidation.Of course, the sensors used for signal acquisition and detection in the front segment are basically the same, roughly using air quality sensors and PM2.5 dust sensors.

PM2.5 dust sensor selection recommendation:LD12 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

LD12 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

The main features

◆ Laser MIE spherical scattering principle combined with LUFTMY space measurement patent to achieve accurate measurement

◆ Zero error alarm rate

◆ Real-time response and support continuous acquisition

◆ Minimum resolution particle size 0.1 m

◆ The service life of electronic control devices is ≥8 years, and the average working time without failure is ≥5 years

The six-sided omni-directional shielding combined with software anti-jamming algorithm has stronger anti-jamming performance

◆ Wide range of applications, no need for duct design, compatible with multi-protocol output.

◆ The design is light and light, suitable for detector, wearable device, air purifier, fresh air system, etc.

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