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What is a dust sensor?Dust sensor solution

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Dust Dust concentration sensor is a kind of infrared correlation detection device cleanliness detector, LUFTMY research and development and production of S7 Smart Dust Dust sensor USES infrared correlation work method, when the tiny particles of Dust through the infrared correlation area, the receiver to receive and corresponding particle optical signal changes, through particle signal acquisition patent technology processing, will carry on comparative analysis to particle data and material data in the database, get accurate particle concentration data.

What is a dust sensor?Dust sensor solution

Application benefit of dust recognition sensor in vacuum cleaner and floor robot products

The cleaning effect of the equipment and the cleanliness of the floor, carpet and bed sheet can be visually presented to users through sensor output data and LED color display.

The equipment intelligently controls the motor speed according to the sensor data to achieve quiet energy saving and prolong the life of the motor.

Dust sensor solution

The dust sensor is installed in the ventilation duct of vacuum cleaner, sweeping robot, acarimeter, intelligent garbage can and other equipment, which can accurately measure the quantity and concentration data of dust mites, dust, hair fiber and other particles, and display the cleanliness data of the ground, carpet, bed sheet, sofa, car and so on in real time.

Product features

The product is wide voltage supply voltage range: 12V--30V, which can be directly powered by the PWM signal line driving the motor;

The product adopts transmitting and receiving projective separation structure, which is small in size and convenient for users to install and use flexibly in various complex structures: receiving host L34*W30*H8.5mm, transmitting terminal L15*W7*H6.5;

The motion measurement accuracy is high, and the minimum detection particle size is 10um when the wind speed is 12m/s.

High measurement sensitivity and response time less than 0.3s;

Measuring range: 0-999 and 0- 9999 options range;

Low power consumption: operating current less than 30mA, sleep current less than 0.5mA.

The output interface contains LED driver levels of particle concentration of 7 colors composed of 3PIN, which can be connected with LED indicator lights.

Data particle concentration output interface: PWM,UART can provide accurate dust concentration data for vacuum cleaner, floor robot and other devices in real time.

S7 Smart Dust Sensor
S7 Smart Dust Sensor

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