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Application of Laser PM2.5 dust Sensor in intelligent air purifier

Update: 2020-08-25 17:39 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to indoor and outdoor air quality. However, with the development of urbanization, it is difficult for air quality not to be affected. At the same time, vehicle and factory emission control should be strengthened.In household appliances, air purifiers are becoming more and more popular. The intelligence of air purifiers is inseparable from an important component, dust sensor.

Application of Laser PM2.5 dust Sensor in intelligent air purifier

In the past two years, among many sensor applications, dust sensors have become more and more common. Especially in the context of the threat of smog throughout China, many consumers choose to buy smart air purifiers with built-in dust sensors to optimize their own air quality.Therefore, the application of dust sensor in the last two years has attracted much attention.

But we also know that it is useless to detect the air quality condition by light, and to find the problem and solve the problem, which is what users need.Friend many people chose to buy air purifier to solve the problem of the air in the home, but only rely on the air purifier itself detector may not be enough, after all equipment is only testing the air quality around itself, if room area is larger, there might be uneven air condition, so the dust sensor can decorate inside other position, can when needed to trigger the opening and closing of the air purifier, make the function of the equipment more intelligent.

At present, smart home devices can provide very limited services for users, but dust sensors can help the smart home to generate linkage and provide intelligent services for consumers.

Recommended for laser PM2.5 dust sensor module: LD13 laser PM2.5 dust sensor

LD13 laser PM2.5 dust sensor

LD13 laser PM2.5 dust sensor

The main features

◆ Laser MIE spherical scattering principle combined with Lovelace space measurement patent to achieve accurate measurement;

◆ Zero error alarm rate;

◆ Real-time response and support continuous acquisition;

◆ Minimum resolution particle size 0.1 m;

◆ Life of electronic control devices ≥ 8 years, the average working time without failure ≥ 5 years;

◆ Shell shielding combined with software anti-jamming algorithm, anti-jamming performance is stronger;

◆ Wide range of application, no need for air duct design, compatible with multi-protocol output;

Multi-interface design, suitable for air purifier, fresh air system, etc.

Online application

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