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PM2.5 particle sensor applied in fresh air system

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The fresh air system is to send fresh air to the room with special equipment on one side of the closed room and then expel fresh air from the other side by special equipment to the outside, forming a "fresh air flow field" in the room, so as to meet the needs of fresh air ventilation in the room.The implementation plan is: adopt high wind pressure, large flow fan, rely on mechanical strength from one side to the indoor air supply, by the other side with a specially designed exhaust fan to the outdoor exhaust forced to form a fresh air flow field in the system.Filter, sterilize, sterilize, oxygenate and preheat the air entering the room at the same time of air supply (winter).

PM2.5 particle sensor applied in fresh air system

Fresh air system has been applied in home, medical and industrial fields. In home field, fresh air system of single-machine household air purifier is the mainstream product in the market.The most important function is to remove particulate matter in the air, including allergens and indoor PM2.5, etc. At the same time, it can also solve air pollution problems of volatile organic compounds in indoor, underground space and vehicles caused by decoration or other reasons.Since the release of air pollutants in a relatively closed space is characterized by persistence and uncertainty, the use of air purifier fresh air system to purify indoor air is one of the internationally recognized methods to improve indoor air quality.

PM2.5 sensor applied in fresh air system

Fresh air system is one of the main functions of intelligent filter PM2.5 particles in the air, for the choice of PM2.5 particles sensor, LUFTMY dust exceed recommended LD13 laser sensor PM2.5 particles sensor module, PM2.5 particles LD13 laser sensor is a high accuracy based on the theory of the laser MIE MIE scattering particle concentration sensor and can collect continuously per unit volume and calculate the number of different particle sizes of suspended particles in the air, the particle concentration distribution, and conversion into mass concentration, and the output in the form of general digital interface,It can be embedded into the fresh air system to provide timely and accurate concentration data.

The main features

◆ Laser MIE spherical scattering principle combined with Lovelace space measurement patent to achieve accurate measurement;

◆ Zero error alarm rate;

◆ Real-time response and support continuous acquisition;

◆ Minimum resolution particle size 0.1 m;

◆ Life of electronic control devices ≥ 8 years, the average working time without failure ≥ 5 years;

◆ Shell shielding combined with software anti-jamming algorithm, anti-jamming performance is stronger;

◆ Wide range of application, no need for air duct design, compatible with multi-protocol output;

Multi-interface design, suitable for air purifier, fresh air system, etc.

LD13 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model
LD13 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

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