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What technology is used to identify dust sensors in the sweeping robot?

Update: 2020-08-03 15:01 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

In recent years, the sweeper is popular in many families, especially for the lazy people living in the house, it can be said that the sweeper is a magic device to free hands.And the sweeping robot technology is more and more mature, more and more intelligent, which has an indispensable component - dust recognition sensor, let's see the dust recognition sensor in the sweeping robot used what technology?

What technology is used to identify dust sensors in the sweeping robot

The dust of the sweeping robot recognizes the role of the sensor

The purpose of dust sensor or vacuum cleaner dust recognition sensor, dust particle sensor is that when the sensor senses that there are particles continuously tapping on the sensor, the machine determines that there is more dust in the range will start the key cleaning mode and repeat cleaning in the range, in order to better clean up the dust and garbage.The real-time display of cleanliness can be presented to users more intuitively through dust sensor display data through dust induction technology, so as to improve the application ability of the floor sweeping robot.

The measurement of the intelligence of the sweeping robot

Compared with the common sweeping robot of random sweeping, the intelligent sweeper will clean more orderly under the route planning.Through the division of areas, the sweeping robot can enter all the rooms in the room, or even clean under part of the household, rather than repeatedly back and forth in the same place.

Dust detection sensor technology

Dust sensing ability and dust identification are also important features of an intelligent sweeping robot. Through the induction device built into the sweeping machine, the machine can identify large pieces of indoor garbage and dust and stay in key areas for repeated cleaning.

For Dust identification sensor selection, LUFTMY exceed recommended S7 Smart Dust Dust sensor module, S7 Smart Dust Dust sensor USES infrared correlation work method, when the tiny particles of Dust through the infrared correlation region, the receiver to receive and corresponding particle optical signal changes, through particle signal acquisition patent technology processing, will carry on comparative analysis to particle data and material data in the database, get accurate particle concentration data.

S7 Smart Dust Sensor
S7 Smart Dust Sensor

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