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How to select PM2.5 sensor for automobile air quality inspection

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The air quality inside the car affects the experience of riding, and if the concentration of PM2.5 in the car is too high, it will harm people's health.At present, all cars have on-board air purifiers to monitor the air quality inside the car, and timely start the purification equipment to maintain the air inside the car within the standard range, while the detection of air quality requires PM2.5 sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, carbon dioxide sensors and so on.Let's take a look at how the PM2.5 sensor is selected for automobile air quality monitoring.

How to select PM2.5 sensor for automobile air quality inspection

Anyone who has ever driven a car knows that the air circulation of the air conditioner in the car has internal circulation and external circulation. This system ensures that the user can switch the air circulation in the driving environment to ensure the driving comfort.The external circulation of the car is mainly to keep the air inside the car fresh and sufficient by circulating with the outside air, while the internal circulation, on the contrary, closes the space inside the car and isolates the external gas environment.

The temperature and humidity in the air just affect the physiological experience of the human body. When the temperature and humidity sensor detects that the temperature and humidity in the car are too high or too low, it can prompt the driver to switch the cycle mode manually or automatically, so as to restore the reasonable range of temperature and humidity.

Carbon dioxide gas sensor is mainly used to measure the content of carbon dioxide in the gas in the car under the internal circulation mode, so as to avoid excessive concentration of carbon dioxide in the car due to breathing, resulting in poor mental state of human body due to oxygen deprivation, which may eventually lead to traffic accidents.

Pm2.5 dust sensor to measure the concentration of dust particles in the air, when the car is outside circulation mode and excess of driving environment of the dust particles, through the dust sensor measurements in a timely manner to the driver to remind, to cut off the external gas enter, avoid dust inhaled too much and damage your health.

For the choice of PM2.5 dust sensor luftmy exceed recommended LD09 laser dust sensor, it is a high accuracy based on the theory of the laser MIE MIE scattering particle concentration sensor, can continuous acquisition per unit volume and calculate the number of different particle sizes of suspended particles in the air, the particle concentration distribution, and conversion into mass concentration, and the output in the form of general digital interface, provide timely and accurate concentration data.

LD09 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model
LD09 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

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