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Six Advantages of Luftmy Sensor Manufacturers

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Guangzhou luftmy intelligent technology Co., Ltd. is a research institute focusing on sensor technology, algorithm and application. The company has repeatedly made breakthroughs and innovations in the global optical sensor industry technology, and has applied for and obtained 70 invention patents, more than 120 utility model patents, and 17 core algorithm software Copyrights.

Luftmy intelligent technology can become a leading enterprise in the optical sensor industry, not only in the measurement accuracy, stability, consistency error, anti-interference and other performance indicators are in a leading position in the industry, but also rely on six major advantages of luftmy company.

S7-Smart-Dust sonser

1.Precision Manufacturing

We are a global large-scale sensor enterprise integrating r&d, production and sales.It is our belief that Luftmy is always at the forefront of innovative technologies by constantly developing and manufacturing the latest technologies.All our products are rigorously tested and validated before entering the market.We adopt the most strict quality standard system and advanced production equipment (SMT machine, wave soldering machine, reflow soldering machine, photoelectric detector, PCB manufacturing, etc.) from Germany to continuously improve product quality.

Luftmy Sensor Manufacturers

2.Quality Assurance

Luftmy’s business philosophy is to put the customerfirst. In order to meet the needs ofcurrent business, production, and customer’s needs, we continue to improve thequality of our products by implementing the ISO9001 and TS16949 quality system. Our well-developed systems give Luftmy avery competitive edge. Also, Luftmy believe that by constantly addressing customerneeds, the quality control center has become a valuable resource for customersand can further satisfy their requirements for accuracy.

Quality Assurance

3.Complete Test System & Produce Equipments

The laboratory is administered according to the accreditation system of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. It is approved by China national accreditation committee for conformity assessment (CNAS), and is subject to annual supervision and evaluation by CNAS and five-year review by calibration laboratories.

Sensor Complete Test System & Produce Equipments

4.Effective Assistant

With professional and innovative researching methods, advanced technology, mature manufacturing techniques , Luftmy can assure customers of high-quality products , provide them with a comprehensive back-up service and respond quickly to customer requirements. Luftmy’s professional and computerized stock control system can generate order automatically and dispatch orders without delay, which can greatly shortens the transaction time between Luftmy and the customers. The system efficiently updates information such as the orders, stock, and bills required by the customers. At Luftmy, our outstanding sales and service staff achieve optimum efficiency without compromising quality.

5.Outstanding Service

We provide free technical support, production engineering, sales assistance, customer service. From basic PM2.5 sensor orders to complex customized special orders, every professional engineer of luftmy is ready to discuss with you and support the special requirements of your application.

6.Excellent Team

The staff of luftmy are excellent talents from various professional and technical fields. The company's products and services quickly stand out among the peers precisely because of the efforts of every employee. Meanwhile, the company also carries out various incentive, training and assessment plans for the professional growth of employees.

Luftmy has been widely praised by customers and the industry, which is the driving force of luftmy's persistence. Luftmy also adheres to the principle of innovative technology and constantly develops all kinds of new sensors.

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