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Dust sensors can monitor exposure to contaminants during IC production

Update: 2020-07-16 17:27 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

With the development of science and technology, the production and processing of many industrial products have put forward high requirements on the dust concentration in the dust-free workshop engineering in the production environment, which requires a certain level of air cleanliness in the production environment and the supply quality of all kinds of relevant substances needed in the production process.For example, in the film production, if the film is contaminated by dust, emulsion oxidation will occur, weakened activity, pH change, and so on, thus affecting the film's photosensitive performance.Here's a look at the dust sensor solution for semiconductor IC manufacturing cleanrooms.

IC manufacturing is an industry that USES ultrapure materials for ultrafine processing in a super-purified environment.Due to the process requirements of large-scale and vLSI, in order to obtain high-purity silicon materials, the high purity of raw materials and intermediates and the cleanliness of high-precision constant temperature and humidity engineering production environment have become a prominent problem affecting product quality.

The yield of IC chip is related to the defect density, which is related to the number of particles in the air.Therefore, the rapid development of integrated circuits requires not only the size of controlling particles in air, but also the number of controlling particles.At the same time, there are also related requirements for chemical pollution control in the dust-free workshop project in the vLSI production environment.

Major contaminants that may be exposed to during IC production

The main contaminants that may be exposed in IC production are: particulate impurities, inorganic ions, organic substances, microorganisms and gaseous impurities, etc.In a broad sense, inappropriate temperature, humidity, illumination, exceeding the limit of electrostatic, electromagnetic noise, air noise and micro-vibration, etc., are also special pollutants.Among them, when the amount of particulate impurities, inorganic ions, organic substances, microorganisms and gas impurities exceeds a certain limit, it will be the integrated circuit products surface scratch, graph break, short circuit, pinhole, stripping and other phenomena, resulting in circuit leakage, abnormal electrical characteristics.The circuit performance and service life will be affected in the light, and the circuit will be scrapped in the serious case.

In view of this situation, dust sensors are needed to monitor the environment in semiconductor IC production workshops to ensure that the production environment meets the standards of cleanliness.LUFTMY Wallace is recommended to use laser sensor/dust sensor LD11, LD11 is a high precision based on the theory of the laser MIE scattering dust sensor, can continuous acquisition per unit volume and calculate the number of different particle sizes of suspended particles in the air, the particle concentration distribution, and conversion into mass concentration, and the output in the form of general digital interface, provide timely and accurate concentration data.

LD16 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model
LD16 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

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