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Dust sensors are used in air purification equipment to help you stay away from dust hazards

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Dust can be found almost everywhere. It refers to solid particles suspended in the air. Generally speaking, solid particles smaller than 75 m can be called dust.Excessive dust concentration in the atmosphere will cause a series of environmental problems and seriously harm the natural environment and human health.

Dust sensors are used in air purification equipment to help you stay away from dust hazards

Hazard of dust

1. Harm to human health

(1) Causing poisoning hazards

The chemical nature of dust is the main factor that harms human body.Because chemical properties determine the extent and speed at which it participates in and interferes with biochemical processes in the body, the nature and magnitude of the harm.Some strong toxic metal dust (chromium, manganese, cadmium, lead, nickel, etc.) into the human body, will cause poisoning and even death.For example, lead causes anemia and damages the brain, manganese, cadmium damages nerves, kidneys, nickel can cause cancer, chromium can cause septal ulcers and perforations, and lung cancer rates increase.In addition, they can directly harm the lungs.Inhalation of manganese dust can cause toxic pneumonia, inhalation of cadmium dust can cause cardiopulmonary insufficiency.Some heavy metal elements in dust are very harmful to human body.

(2) Cause various pneumoconiosis

General dust into the human lungs, may cause a variety of pneumoconiosis.Some non-metallic dust is like silicon, asbestos, carbon black, because suck person human body hind cannot eliminate, will become silicosis, asbestosis or pneumoconiosis.For example, dust containing free silica can be deposited in the alveoli and cause fibrous degeneration, which will harden the lung tissue and cause loss of respiratory function and "Silicon lung" disease.

2. Cause explosion hazard

Explosive dust such as coal dust, aluminum dust and grain dust may explode under certain conditions, causing economic losses and casualties.

3. Environmental pollution

The influence of dust on production is mainly to reduce product quality and machine working accuracy.Products such as photosensitive films, integrated circuits, chemical reagents, precision instruments and micro motors will be reduced or even discarded if they are stained by dust or their rotating parts are worn or stuck.Some factories have suffered many losses due to lax dust control in the production environment.Dust also reduces light and visibility, affecting the field of vision for indoor operations.

LD16 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model
LD16 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

Dust sensor

Pm2.5 sensor is also called dust sensor, dust sensor, can be used to detect the concentration of dust in the air around us, namely pm2.5 value.LUFTMY dust Wallace laser sensor LD16, for example, dust LD16 laser sensor is a high precision based on the theory of the laser MIE MIE scattering particle concentration sensor, can continuous acquisition per unit volume and calculate the number of different particle sizes of suspended particles in the air, the particle concentration distribution, and conversion into mass concentration, and the output in the form of general digital interface.The dust sensor can be embedded in a variety of air purification equipment, providing timely and accurate concentration data, to help you away from dust hazards.

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