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Can air purifiers avoid PM2.5?

Update: 2020-07-08 15:47 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

With people's attention to air quality, air purifiers in the home appliance industry sales also ranked first, the quality of each air purifier is uneven.In domestic life, air pollution is mainly caused by PM2.5 particles such as smoke and particulate matter produced by smoking or cooking in the kitchen. Can air purifiers avoid PM2.5?

Can air purifiers avoid PM2.5

Investigation on the market phenomenon of air purifier

Chaos 1: purification rate, detection mechanism, functional frequency appear virtual standard

An air purifier, which can filter both tiny solid particles (PM2.5) and organic volatiles, including formaldehyde, as well as kill bacteria, costs only 1,500 yuan.Had it not been for a big promotion by manufacturers, industry insiders warned consumers that the air purifiers at this price were likely to be falsely labeled, meaning that they could achieve a lot of effects but could not actually achieve them.As the national standard of air purifier has not been published, the phenomenon of false label is common.Once national standards are in place, about 60 percent of air purifiers fail to meet them.

At present, there are three types of virtual target, the air purification rate is not up to the standard;False label of detection mechanism;Function virtual label.

Chaos 2: Both online and offline are mixed

The reporter discovers in investigation, at present domestic air purifier market exists good and bad intermingled phenomenon.In particular, online sales of air purifiers, many do not have purification functions.According to insiders, online air purifiers costing only 100 yuan, or even less than 100 yuan, have little purification function, but their sales are not poor.

The personage inside course of study announces material to say, if be not regular manufacturer make special offer, the air purifier that the family USES below 500 yuan on the market, the space with larger area in the home basically cannot reach purify a standard, can regard as a blower only.

How to choose the correct air purifier to remove PM2.5

1. The origin

In The Chinese market, big brands such as Philips and Samsung tend not to focus on air purifiers.That's because, while air purifiers were born to tackle particulate pollution, Western-style and Korean-Japanese brands don't offer much in the way of PM2.5.

PM2.5 refers to particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less in the atmosphere, also known as particulate matter that can enter the lungs. Its diameter is less than 1/20 of the thickness of a human hair.In western countries, more than 90 percent of air purification devices are targeted at people with allergies -- that is, people who are seriously uncomfortable with pollen, pet hair, smoke, mold and dust -- and are generally effective against particulate matter above PM10, with little filtering effect on PM2.5 and below.Therefore, the good effect of "big brand" purification devices may not be applicable in China."Domestic air purifier" suitable for China's national conditions is the preferred product.

2. Look at the price

At present, the prices of purifiers on the market vary greatly, ranging from tens of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan."On e-commerce platforms, air purifiers are no longer like water purifiers, which are mainly low-priced products.Consumers are more concerned with brand awareness when making air purifiers, "liu said." However, some purifiers with multiple filters can charge a high price.In fact, the purification effect of air purifier, a few years ago may look at the number of layers of filter screen, the more layers, the better the effect.And now negative ion (negative oxygen ion) products are accumulating thin hair.The anion air purifier avoids the super large noise produced by the air filter fan outside, and at the same time, increasing the number of filter layers undoubtedly also increases the volume of the purifier, and increases the difficulty of replacing the filter to avoid secondary pollution.

pm2.5 sensor

PM2.5 sensors are used in air purifiers

In the current field of air purification, PM2.5 sensor has almost become the standard component of air purification equipment. More and more air purifiers use PM2.5 sensor, which has achieved the purpose of intelligent control equipment.The LD13C laser PM2.5 sensor is recommended to be embedded in the air purifier to provide timely and accurate concentration data.

Online application

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