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High Precision Laser Navigation Sensor

Update: 2019-08-15 16:06 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

High precision laser navigation sensors are designed for applications that include high performance games, precise design graphics and high precision position checking. This kind of sensor is a kind of laser navigation sensor with high precision and high performance.

The high-precision laser sensor adopts the simple plug-in lens design, integrates the laser and detector in the compact electronic component package, and is a simple device consisting of two parts with embedded laser eye safety management equipment. Therefore, laser power correction is not required in the assembly process to reduce the production cost. The laser sensor can be used for speed conversion of 50 inches per second and the resolution of 2800cpi at the same time, so that the work efficiency per second to the maximum. At the same time, the high-precision laser sensor can respond to the change of direction or speed by greatly reducing the delay.

Laser dust sensor

High precision laser navigation sensor performance:

1. Maximum hardware speed up to 50 inches per second, resolution up to 2800cpi.

2. Continuous variable resolution can be set to any value between 400-2800cpi, and different Settings can be adopted in X and Y directions.

3. A fast and effective computer cursor speed of up to 140000cps per second.

4.The location sampling rate is up to 40,000 times per second.

High precision laser navigation sensor application in market benefits: due to the sensor detection scheme by facilitation standard signal analysis is, the larger extent improve the sensor performance, at the same time reduce the efficacy rate of the sensor, wireless simulation game, wireless mouse, wireless graphic design machine of choice.

Laser dust sensor Schematic diagram

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